TikTok Ban For Government Employees in the Philippines: Here’s What We Know

The National Security Council of the Philippines has debated whether TikTok should be banned for government employees. The reason for wanting to ban the video-sharing app is a matter of national security. 

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However, the effectiveness of the ban is being questioned. Banning TikTok does not ensure that employees will stop using the app, considering that some people know how to use different hacks, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), to battle the restrictions.

Other countries, such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, the European Union, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Taiwan, The UK, and the US, have banned TikTok from government-issued devices. 

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Moreover, TikTok said they do not share user data with the Chinese Government. However, the countries mentioned above are still concerned about China’s National Intelligence Law. The abovementioned law states that the government can demand the cooperation of citizens and companies regarding Chinese National Intelligence. 

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However, the idea remains that if TikTok will be banned from the Philippines, other Chinese-made applications should be, too. But, this could disrupt the freedom of expression and economic opportunities. TikTok and other platforms are not only for entertainment purposes but have also been helping business owners. 

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What do you think? Should TikTok be banned for government employees?

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