The Sugboanon: 61-year-old Adventurer Promotes Cebu’s Tourism One Travel at a Time

If you speak like a true explorer, you know that traveling and seeing the world doesn’t stop with old age. The riper the age, the sweeter the memories will be of going on adventures. 

For this The Sugboanon Feature, we will get to know one of’s top photo contributor, the 61-years-young Joey Argawanon. 

Born in Romblon But Cebuano at Heart

Sir Joey Molino Argawanon was born in Romblon but has since decided to live permanently in the Queen City of the South. 

He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He studied law but did not pursue it after he decided to go abroad. Before retiring, Sir Joey handled his family’s business. 

When asked why he decided to live in Cebu for good, Sir Joey replied, with full confidence,

“Because of the people. Lahi jud ang batasan sa Sugboanon.” 

According to him, Cebuanos are top tier when it comes to hospitality. He has been to many places, but Sugboanons won his heart. 

Adventure Doesn’t Stop at 61

Believe it or not, as energetic and outgoing as he is, Sir Joey is already 61 years old. But don’t let his age fool you because he still likes to travel all over Cebu and the Philippines. 

People would ask why he travels so much. Well, it is because he wanted to find his relevance. 

“Since 61 nako. I’m finding my relevance, especially in a country where pag tigulang naka, mura nalang ka ug background sa pamilya. And I will never allow that, not in my time, not in my living time. As long as I am alive, I will stay relevant.”

– Joey Argawanon

However, Sir Joey’s adventures are not only geared towards his love for travel and Cebu. He says his current purpose is to promote Cebu as a top tourist destination worldwide. In his own little ways, Sir Joey showcases the beauty, wonders, and hidden gems of the Cebu province.

He has been exploring Cebu since ten years ago and has been to almost every place in the province. From the caves to the waterfalls, Sir Joey could visit them all. 

North of Cebu: A Potential

Since he has been traveling in Cebu for a long time, surely he has a favorite spot there, right? To that, Sir Joey answers, “The places where I have shared most with my mother.”

Sir Joey spent so much time with his mother as they traveled to the North of Cebu, such as Medellin, Malapascua, Bantayan, and more. 

Sir Joey shared how he believes the North has so much potential because it houses caves, hot springs, cold springs, and abundant sealife and wildlife. Thus, he wishes that the North would get the hype it deserves. 

Living as a True Local

We asked Sir Joey how he funds and budgets his travels, and he told us that to be a thrifty traveler, you need to act and imitate the locals as you live with them.

“Kung mangisda sila, mangisda pud ka. Kung sa mercado sila, sa mercado pud ka. Because exploring is not doing it comfortably since it defeats the purpose.”

He emphasizes that if you want to experience everything, you have to live like a true local. 

From One Senior Traveler to Another

Sir Joey gives his message to fellow senior travelers or those wanting to start their journey. He stressed that being fit and healthy is a number one priority. 

And, of course, to never let anyone define who you are, no matter your age, sexuality, and beliefs. And if you love to share your adventures on social media, do not let netizens tell you what to do. 

And Sir Joey ends his message with a short yet powerful quote, “Your body, your rules.” 

To Our Top Contributor

And, of course, the team would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sir Joey Argawanon. We appreciate your efforts and determination to help promote Cebu’s tourism and for always sharing your adventures with us. 

You never fail to amaze us with your energy, positivity, and mission to showcase the faultless beauty of our dear Cebu province. You are one of the reasons why will continue its mission to spread what Cebu has to offer.

We salute you, Sir Joey!

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