The Rise of AI in Multiple Industries: Threat or Opportunity?

In the digital age, we have all seen both the wonders and terrors of technology. In pop culture, we have pieces of media such as Black Mirror which shows us how far humanity will go to achieve maximum comfort using artificial intelligence. While pieces like that are obviously helpful in making us critically assess how we utilize it, the fast-paced creation of advanced technology in our world makes the audience or the users feel like there’s little space for question. But even then, that space is never non-existent.

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AI in Asian Countries

Perhaps it explains how the creation and implementation of AI in real-time is less alarming when it is happening in Western developed countries, because it still seems so far away from us. But now that it is happening in Asian Countries, most especially with the new installment of the reporters in GMA (we’ll tackle more of this later), I, an Asian citizen, can feel the amazement and fear of the people who belong to the same geographical location as me.

South Korea

South Korea is well-known for its advances in its technological landscape. One of the biggest contributors of the Korean economy is their set of K-Pop idols who are dominating the entertainment industry all over the world. Even with the resources that both rising and resident K-Pop idols have, South Korea still utilizes AI in creating music – from melodies to a fully mastered track – and in creating virtual idols themselves.

K-pop AI girl group, MAVE

Aside from that, the retail industry also has its fair share in this phenomenon. They have generated digital salespersons that aid customers in shopping and boost the accuracy of product recommendations. This fusion of business and technology, of course, has helped in the growth of sales patterns.

Other than these, AI is also dominating the education sector through AI tutors that are adaptive to learning styles of various students. The healthcare system, on the other hand, is greatly helped by a technology that has early disease detection. AI goes as far as robotic surgeries in this area.


The most recent controversy is GMA’s utilization of AI sportscasters in their channel. The action drew backlash online because of netizens noticing the pattern of technology and automation dominating so many industries, and taking away the livelihoods of people. This will be the country’s first AI-generated reporters on national TV.

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The critique majorly lies on the idea that there ought to be a line that we draw for the use of AI. According to netizens, this includes journalism and mass communication, which should come from the people, to the masses.

Civilization would never have gone this far without the use of technology and AI. However, situations like this further highlight the need for feedback from the masses to determine what kind of world they want to live in, and that includes the extent of which AI should operate in our society. With more education about the matter; both its risks and advantages, better policies by the state in terms of regulation, perhaps then, we would be able to reach a more informed consensus.

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