Sweet Nostalgia: 5 candies you will remember if you grew up in Cebu

Naa pa ba ning mga candy karon? 

Tied to simple joys and innocent pleasures, our childhood memories define our younger years. For many Cebuanos who grew up in the 90s or earlier,nostalgia is – well, literally sweet. 

The memories we hold close to our hearts that we now often laugh at would have been incomplete without the delightful candies that filled our pockets and satisfied our sweet cravings. 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we explore five of these beloved candies that continue to evoke a sense of homesickness and fondness even to this day!

1. Mik-Mik

Starting off with a classic. Who remembers getting messy with these?

Mik-Mik, the powdered candy in bright red or brown sachets, was a staple for kids in the past. 

Photo from Maricris Marande

This delightful treat allowed you to pour the flavored powder directly into your mouth, creating a burst of sweetness that we all loved from powdered milk. 

I’m sure we can all agree that we’ve stained our shirts every time we had these, even if we used the tiny straw that came with it.

The small size and vibrant packaging made it a popular choice for sharing and trading with friends during recess or after school. 

2. Bobot

An old-fashioned favorite! I asked people what candy they miss most, and they often answered with this pack of candy-coated peanuts – Bobot.

The flavor is not actually different depending on what color you choose to eat first, but when I had these back then I would have sworn it was and that the yellow one tasted best. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Made by Highland Confectionery Mfg. Inc. in Mandaue City, this was all over Cebu. Sometimes when stores did not have coins for change, a small pack of Bobot with four nuts inside made it on our hands instead, but we didn’t complain.

Bobot candies were a hit among Cebuano kids, with its unique blend of tangy sweetness and a pleasant surprise inside.

3. Tootsie Roll

This list would not be complete without mentioning the sweet and indulgent Tootsie Roll! 

With its iconic cylindrical shape and faded brown wrapper despite its compact size, it was easily recognizable. A chocolatey goodness that we loved to share after recess.

Photo from Tootsie Roll Facebook Page

This is a classic American candy that found its way into the hearts of Cebuanos. We just somehow knew it was American – Tootsie Roll to a lot of us as kids was an experience in and of itself.  

With its chewy texture and rich chocolate flavor, Tootsie Roll was a favorite delight that brought joy to many children.

4. Tira-Tira

Oh we are going way back in time.

An archetypal candy – the crumpled colored wax paper inside bags meant you had a delicious

treat before you got home. Who also had a classmate that sold these during recess?

Tira-Tira is a buttercrunch toffee that came wrapped in the aforementioned in the shape of a thin, long tube. 

Did you know that its name was actually taken from a Spanish word for ‘pulling’? Because after the sugarcane juice is boiled, it goes through a process of pulling which is how the candy is formed.

5. Orange Swits

Orange Swits, another favorite! A tangy and zesty candy that is a burst of orange was beloved by Cebuano kids. 

Photo from Lazada

Different from the candies mentioned above, this one is a chewy one! Straight to the point. These small sugar-coated jellies offered a strong citrus flavor that kept us coming back for more. 

Up to this day, people still really search for it. Where can you get Orange Swits now in Cebu?

“Vintage” candies from Mik-Mik to Orange Swits hold a special place in the hearts of Cebuanos. If you find yourself yearning for a taste of the past, it’s worth exploring whether these beloved treats are still available. While time may have moved on, these candies can transport you back to your childhood, allowing you to relive the sweetness of those cherished moments. So, go ahead, search for these candies, and indulge in the sweet nostalgia that they bring! 

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