A basic survival guide to attending a concert in the Philippine Arena

Concert season is here!

While that can be fun, attending a concert at the Philippine Arena comes with its own set of challenges. 

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As the popularity of this massive venue grows, it’s important for concert-goers to be prepared and aware of what to expect. 

From transportation to accommodation, food, and communication, here are some key factors to consider when planning your trip to the Philippine Arena.


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Photo from Ivan Zoren Jueves

Plan your mode of transportation well in advance. Arrange for shuttle or bus services provided by the official organizer or look for fan-initiated initiatives. If you’re driving, consider carpooling with fellow fans to share expenses, you can look for other concert goers to split the fare with on Twitter. Research the different routes available and stay updated on road closures and diversions, because they can vary.

Hotel Stay and Accommodation

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Since the Philippine Arena is located outside Metro Manila, nearby accommodations are limited. Check Facebook groups, AirBnB, and Agoda listings for short-term stays. Book early to secure a place within a reasonable distance from the venue. Avoid the hassle of commuting long hours after the concert and prioritize rest and recovery.

Unlike concert venues in Metro Manila, the Philippine Arena lacks nearby malls or restaurants. It’s best to bring your own food and drinks to avoid long queues and meet your specific preferences. Plan your meals in advance, considering lunch, snacks, and dinner. Bringing your own meals ensures you won’t go hungry during the event.

Connections and Cell Service

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Phone signals can be unreliable at the venue, so don’t solely rely on social media apps for communication. Save your friends’ phone numbers and ensure you have enough mobile load to call or text them if needed. Agree on a meet-up place within the venue in case you have difficulty reaching each other.

Appropriate and Concert-Ready Behavior

During the concert, remember to behave appropriately and follow the rules set by the venue and organizers. Charge your devices beforehand and bring power banks to ensure your gadgets stay powered throughout the event. Stay hydrated, take breaks if needed, and have a memorable time enjoying the music and performances.

AOA in Philippine Arena | Photo from LJay Manayon
AOA in Philippine Arena | Photo from LJay Manayon

By considering these aspects and being prepared, you can enhance your concert experience at the Philippine Arena and make the most out of this unique venue.

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