Started with P500, this vlogger is Now a Successful Food Entrepreneur

“Saan aabot ang 500 pesos mo?”

Starting a business can be taxing. Some people even worry about how big an investment it would be to start. However, a Man who proudly hails from Butuan was able to turn his life around with just ₱500 capital.

How did he do it? Let’s find out.

The Arnel Estorba Story

Who would have thought that a passion for cooking and a mere ₱500 investment would elevate this man’s life? Born and raised in Butuan, Arnel Estorba conquered Cebu for better opportunities. However, he was also one of the people affected by the pandemic.

During the lockdown, Arnel was also one of many people who started their own businesses. He felt the need to provide people with food, especially when most of us had to stay home.

Arnel also wanted to keep the essence of celebration through his cuisine, even during the lockdown. That is why he started his own food pack business.

According to Arnel, he only had ₱500 to start his food pack business during the onslaught of Covid-19. But he didn’t know how far the small capital would take him. He started the business on his own. He cooked and prepared all the food orders himself with the help of two working students.

Arnel’s business grew from selling food packs to food trays, eventually establishing Nelly’s Best. As his business elevated, he also provided jobs for those people, especially cooks, who got laid off during the pandemic. So not only does Arnel have a keen vision for his business, but he also thinks of the well-being of people who need a little help during the trying time.

The food entrepreneur now has about 40 to 50 employees who show their loyalty to him because of his generosity and good heart—no wonder he is blessed with the success he has now.

“Kung maayo imong gi buhat, it always pays good Karma” (If what you do is good, it will always pay good Karma),


Conquering Hardships

Like other business owners, Arnel also experienced hardships he had to conquer. According to him, there was a time his business went down because of Typhoon Odette. As a result, all the order payments were returned to his customers.

Some business owners would have given up right then and there, but Arnel was not like other business owners. Instead of giving up, he still strived. Even during the days without a phone signal, he would find a way to communicate with his customers. And to Arnel’s delight, many people still wanted to order food packs and trays from him.

“There’s always a time na mu down ang business. Dili jud dapat mu undang (There will always be a time when businesses go down. You just have to keep going)”.


He also added that as long as people believe in your business, you will have a reason to keep going and never give up.

And before he knew it, he was able to buy two cars and now owns a condo unit in Cebu. Arnel was also able to renovate his parents and grandmother’s house through his determination and hard work.

Let Arnel be an inspiration for all of us. Starting your business venture can be scary. It will be hard, but no one said it is impossible. Arnel is the exact representation of a person who pays it forward. Whatever blessing he receives in life, he pays it forward by helping those in need.

We salute you and your good heart, Arnel. Kudos!

About Nelly’s Best

Nelly’s Best started out as an online food service which eventually grew into a physical branch. The food business offers customized trays according to the customer’s liking. The food is delicious, and the packages are incredibly affordable.

Nelly’s Best offers different food packages such as Lechon Packages, Lechon Belly’s Packages, Premium Seafoods, and Food Trays. Customers can order online via Nelly’s Best official Facebook Page. Nelly’s Best ensures to provide quality yet affordable meals to customers who plan to dine in at the physical branches.

Make sure to try out their best-sellers: 

  • Lapaz Batchoy
  • Sisig
  • Humba with Egg
  • Bas-oy
  • Chicken Fillet
  • Breaded Porkchop

List of Nelly’s Best Branches:

  • UCLM
  • Belcris
  • UC Banilad
  • UC Mambaling
  • Lapu-Lapu



  • Lapaz Batchoy
  • Sisig
  • Humba with Egg
  • Bas-oy
  • Chicken Fillet
  • Breaded Porkchop

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