Standard Fees for Driving Courses released by LTO

To get a driving license in the Philippines, you should pass a driving test. With the influx of student drivers learning the ropes, LTO released the standard fees for driving courses.

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Last March 22, 2023, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) released new guidelines for the accreditation and management of driving schools. The guidelines also include the standard way of teaching student drivers and those who plan to apply as a conductor.

The new guidelines will be implemented starting April 15, 2023.

Photo from Land Transportation Office – Philippines Facebook Page

According to the Memorandum Circular No. JMT- 2023-2390, released by the LTO, private driving institutions may set their theoretical driving (TDC) fee to 1,000. Meanwhile, they may charge 2,500 to 8,000 for practical driving courses (PDC). The PDC fees will depend on the type of car or license code.

In addition, it is also stated in the memorandum that applicants may complete their mandatory 15-hour theoretical driving course within two days. However, the applicants must accomplish their mandatory 15-hour TDC in one month. On the other hand, the practical driving course (PDC) should be completed in at least 8 hours per license code.

The memorandum specified that PDC for light and heavy vehicles should be at least two days. Meanwhile, the 8-hour PDC for motorcycles may be conducted for one day. However, the student driver should prove to have excellent knowledge about motorcycle driving according to their practical driving instructor’s assessment.

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LTO also requires driving schools to register the biometrics and other details of their applicants to the LTO system through the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Client ID. This is to determine the actual start of the applicant’s TDC.

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