2023 Guide: How to change SSS status from employed to voluntary

One of the adulting things to consider in the Philippines is paying for your SSS.

Social Security System (SSS) is an insurance program that can help us through unexpected circumstances such as sickness, maternity, old age, and death. Which is why it has become a necessity for every Filipino as a social protection service.

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Now if you are creating your own career path or just having an unemployed gap, there is no need to worry for your future as you can still enjoy benefits from SSS through voluntary membership.

There are two ways to change your status from employed to voluntary. There is the first one which is very easy and hassle-free via online or if you find it hard or complicated to transact online then you can physically visit any SSS branch.

1. Log in to My.SSS portal

Just login to the My.SSS portal and generate a Payment Reference Number (PRN). Choose “Voluntary’’ or “OFW” as your membership type. This will automatically change your status after the contribution is paid.

You can go to any payment centers nationwide or pay it online for less hassle via GCash.

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2. Personally go to the nearest SSS branch office

Check the box that says “Voluntary” under “Type of Payor”, membership status will be updated when the payment is posted.

For Nonworking spouse, put a check mark next to “Non-Working Spouse” on the E-4 form and provide your spouse’s CRN or SSS number and monthly income along with his signature of agreement to your SSS membership.

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Being a voluntary member is just the same as being employed when it comes to the series of benefits which includes:

  • Sickness
  • Maternity
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Death
  • Funeral
  • Salary Loan

There is no harm and all good to being prepared. So don’t be afraid or hesitate to pay for your SSS contributions.

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  2. Hello, I updated my status employed to voluntary last month and I tried to pay my contribution (manually) this month pero ni reject nila yung payment. Can someone tell me bakit? Na experienced nyo din po ba ito?

  3. Hello! Tanong ko lang po pag po ba magpapa change ng prior registrant from for employee to self employed, klangan po ba talga may business? Ano po another option na ilalagay kase as of now allowance ko lang po kase yung pagkukunan ko ng bayad. Thank you! Sana masagot.

  4. Paano poh mag file ng sss voluntary KC nawalan poh Ako ng work ang gusto ko KC mangyari is mag voluntary nalang poh Ako..

  5. I followed the instructions to change SSS employment status to Voluntary. The payment I made was posted but the SSS employment is still the same.

  6. Panu po yan lagi pong reject yong mat2 ko voluntary po ako sabi nila livebirth lang ng bata kailangan bakit hinahanapan pako ng certificate sa dati kung company

  7. How can we change the status from Employed to Voluntary.

    This is to confirm that we are now Voluntary Status not as Employed.

  8. An unemployed SSS member who has no previous SS record of coverage or contributions cannot just start paying contiributions as a Voluntary Member for the sole purpose of qualifying for an SS ID Card or SSS benefits. Such contributions shall be deemed invalid and duly returned/refunded.

    • Hi, I recently registered to SSS as “For Employment” status. I have no intentions of getting employed any time soon, but I do want to contribute as a voluntary. But I am not able to find “Voluntary” under membership type only OFW is present. Any tips?

      • we have the same issue. Have you found the answer on how to change the membership tye to voluntary instead of ofw? OFW is the only option showing.

  9. MICHELLE: Tell your friend to go to the nearest SSS branch and ask for membership data change from Prior Registrant since for employment Yung nagawa mong ss number to Self-employed bring photocopy of valid i.d, photocopy of birth certificate and submit. After mong na submit you can start paying the contribution as Self-employed. Hindi ka pwede mag contribute as voluntary kung Wala Kang past contribution as employee or self-employed.

  10. I have a problem po. I helped someone na gumawa ng SS number, turned out na mali ata nagawa ko. Instead of Self-employed(since wala talaga syang work) sa for employment yung ginawa ko. Pwede ko pa ba sya gawan ng bagong SS number since prior registrant sya? please help, she’s 1 month preggy, and need maghabol ng payment. dalagawa pa sya and medyo bata pa. thank you.

  11. I already generate the PRN and paid the voluntary contribution but my status remain employed. What do I need to do? The payment also posted already as a voluntary contribution.

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