Indulge in Comfort Food with a Unique Twist at Slate District, Il Corso

Comfort food feeds not only the stomach but also replenishes the soul.

Il Corso at SRP has quickly become the favorite hang-out spot for foodies because of the many food selections. But there is one restaurant in the area that brings comfort and presentation to a whole new level — Slate District. 

“The ultimate comfort food with a unique twist” is what Slate District lives by, as it serves the most tasty and soul-satisfying comfort food with a twist in presentation. The establishment is also family-friendly, where parents can spend time with their kids as they welcome the weekend. Are you ready for Slate District? Keep on reading. 

Food is Best When Served on a Slate

As its name suggests, Slate District serves its food on a slate, a kind of rock. Every main dish is served on a slate, adding a depth of sophistication to the food served. Not only that, but the restaurant also has a dish served with smoke that adds a cinematic feel to the dining experience. 

A Fusion of World Wide Flavors

Slate District offers a variety of dishes that are a fusion of flavors such as Japanese, Italian, American, and Filipino. From juicy backribs to mouth-watering barbecue skewers, Slate District has an array of food choices to choose from. Their best sellers include: 

  • Jack Slate Chicken
  • Grilled Baby Back Ribs
  • Quarter Pound Burgers
  • Mozzarella Cheese Stick
  • Calanori 
  • Cerdo De Quesadilla

If you ever find yourself in Slate District, try the Cerdo De Quesadilla. It’s soft and flavorful but not too overpowering. Even better, the Quesadilla has pulled pork and garlic cheese made with three types of cheese. The Cerdo De Quesadilla experience is incomplete without dipping it in Slate District’s signature Sriracha Mayo, a sweet and tangy concoction.

Not only that, but aside from the slate plating, Slate District also serves dishes by a hanging rack. That’s not all; their most unique presentation is their smoked salmon steak served with cherry wood smoke.

Overall Ambiance

Slate District is beautifully designed with black onyx and fire onyx stones that give off luxury and sophistication. The establishment also has an open kitchen concept where diners can see the chefs do their magic. 

The owners wanted to emphasize transparency and the interaction between the diners and the cooks. The open kitchen represents the whole kitchen department elegantly. 

Slate District also offers quality entertainment as live bands play relaxing music for the diners every Saturday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Quality and Affordable Luxury at Slate District

With the presentation, restaurant ambiance, and flavor, you wouldn’t really think that Slate District offers budget-friendly prices. You can think of it as an affordable luxury. Aside from food, their service is high-quality as well. The staff is friendly and will greet you with a smile.

And guess what? Slate District  ALWAYS has monthly promos, and this September, they are launching their 2+1 promo of their juice Hickory Grilled Backribs.

Slate District stands on a different level because of how the owners are hands-on. The restaurant is owned by a chef who has had experience working for a 5 star hotel; No wonder Slate District has 5-star worthy food. In addition, the owners also get inspiration from their travels to further develop Slate District.

Slate District Parkmall Branch

Wishing Slate District could be closer to you? Worry not; they also have a branch in Parkmall, Tipolo, Mandaue. But what makes Slate District Parkmall different from the one in Il Corso is that it is more of a bistro-type and has even more affordable options than Slate District Il Corso but with the same quality of flavor. 



  • Jack Slate Chicken
  • Grilled Baby Back Ribs
  • Quarter Pound Burgers
  • Mozzarella Cheese Stick
  • Calanori 
  • Cerdo De Quesadilla


Other Information:


The exact location: Il Corso Lifemalls, South Coastal Rd. 6000, Cebu City

BY BUS: MyBus buses are now passing to and from three different stops within City di Mare and Il Corso. Residents and passengers within the City di Mare are able to go to as far as Talisay City in the south and up north until the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA).

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Il Corso.”

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