Taste Atlas Considers Sinigang as One of the Best Dishes in the World

Sinigang reigns supreme as it beats Zurek of Poland, Steak Au Poivre of France, and Pho Bo of Vietnam. 

Taste Atlas hails Sinigang as one of the Best Dishes in the World for 2023. Sinigang takes the 97th spot with a score of 4.48 out of 5 stars. 

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“With its sour lightness perfectly matching the harsh tropical heat of the country, sinigang is a unique soup that is a true representative of Filipino cuisine,” wrote Taste Atlas. 

The dish that clinched the number one spot is Brazil’s Picanha. It is a steak that succulent, juicy, and tender. 

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Sinigang is a Filipino soup known for its sour flavor, made possible by incorporating sampalok or tamarind. Pork is usually used for this dish. However, other people prefer shrimp, chicken, and fish. 

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Moreover, other versions of Sinigang use different sour fruits such as guava, kamias, and green mango. 

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