Scammers Are Possibly Using Your Voice through AI Voice Cloning Apps

AI voice cloning apps sure are fun! You get to play around with different voice effects, recreate your family and friends’ voices, and get used for scams— what? 

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Getting scammed is already bad enough, but being used for one? Now that’s worse. Due to the rise of AI-powered applications, scammers have found another way to trick people. Fraudsters now use AI voice cloning apps to bait unsuspecting civilians.

People have come forward to report their experiences. A woman in Arizona almost got scammed when a caller told her they had her daughter. You might ask, how could she fall for that? Well, the caller used her daughter’s voice. The voice used, even the way “it” cried, was hauntingly similar to that of her daughter’s.

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During a local news interview, Tech Editor Art Samaniego said that it would only take three seconds for fraudsters to clone your voice. However, the more voice material they have that they can feed to the app, the more they can copy your voice.

According to DICT Secretary, Ivan John Uy, people who commit scams are not individuals, but an organization who “have the best technology that money can buy.”

As of the moment, the DICT still has yet to receive any complaints regarding voice scams. However, they are working on ways to conquer them. DICT also reminds the public to never give private information to unknown numbers.

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AI voice apps are all fun and games until you become the next victim. It’s wise to keep safe and be responsible.

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