Santorini by a Cliff: Rockwalled Beach Resort in Dalaguete

The name itself is already suggestive. Vining by a literal wall of rock, Rockwalled stands out as a unique structure for a resort which is best appreciated when you actually get inside. By the road, when you look out the window of your vehicle of choice, you can see a wide wall that spells its name, and from that standpoint, it just looks like a plain, flat resort. But looks can be deceiving.

Photo from Rockwalled Beach Resort Official Facebook Page

In April this year, they renovated the entire resort and repainted the establishment with white and royal blue, resembling those located in the famous Santorini, Greece. The resort is situated on a cliff, and this characteristic is what gives it such an exciting flare. To go to the cottages, you have to descend a flight of stairs by the wall of rock, necessitating you to descend more flights of stairs if you want to go lower to the beach. The entire place is serene and picturesque, with a full view of the turquoise waters, being as it is with the sonic clashes of the ocean waves to the wall of rocks.

Rockwalled’s Natural Swimming Pool

Photo from Rockwalled Beach Resort Official Facebook Page

Because of the resort’s geographical location, waves can be harsh depending on the day, and it might not be so relaxing to take a swim on the actual beach. Rockwalled provides a loophole, guaranteeing you a dip in the water no matter how the ocean might feel. Here, they have a large natural swimming pool with a rectangular concrete mold sitting by the foot of the resort.

Photo from Rockwalled Beach Resort Official Facebook Page

Their swimming pool isn’t at all like others. It has tubes that funnel the pool water directly from the sea. When you take a swim here, you can hear the waves surrounding the entire pool; enjoying the saltwater without having to be carried away by violent waves or be taken by surprise by the rocks on the seabed. This is the perfect learning ground for kayaking, especially if you’re a beginner or if you have children who want to try it.

Kayak and Floater Rentals

Photo from Rockwalled Beach Resort Official Facebook Page
Photo from Rockwalled Beach Resort Official Facebook Page

In addition to their renovation, Rockwalled now offers kayak and bed-floater rentals. They have two options for their kayaks: crystal kayak and wave break kayak. Crystal kayaks are the best option for you if you’re someone who likes to look at what’s underneath. From its name, this is a transparent kayak that allows you to see the seeming impenetrability of the ocean with just one eye movement. The wave break kayak, on the other hand, is one that has adjustable seats that provide backrests for you to be more comfortable sitting down, avoiding back pains. You can choose to kayak in the natural swimming pool or in the sea.

Photo from Rockwalled Beach Resort Official Facebook Page

Their bed floaters are very inviting to people who just want to lie down to rest and marvel at the surrealness of the entire place. It is a view of the illusion of an infinite world of water where all you can hear are the waves. You’ll forget this resort is just steps away from where your bus stopped. If you’re not feeling an adrenaline rush today, then you can always have this.

The following are the prices for their rentals:

  • Crystal Kayak – ₱300 per hour (good for one, including life vest)
  • Wave Break Kayak – ₱150 per hour (good for one)
  • Bedfloaters – ₱100 pesos per hour for single bedfloaters

          ₱300 pesos for double bedfloaters

Photo from Rockwalled Beach Resort Official Facebook Page

Rockwalled is a love letter for your eyes and your ears. This is the place to go when you want to be somewhere where the only things that are busy are the sounds of the waves. There is something otherworldly about Rockwalled, and you’ll only get to experience it for yourself when you go there.



  • Entrance fee: ₱100 per adult; ₱80 per senior; ₱50 per child



  • Cottage 1: ₱1,500 good for 30 pax
  • Cottage 2: ₱2,500 good for 50 pax
  • Rental Tables:  ₱500 (with 6 chairs)

Tent Camping 

  • For two: ₱500 per night
  • For five: ₱1,000 per night


  • Couple Room: ₱2,000 (good for 2) 
  • Quartet Room: ₱3,000 (good for 4)
  • Family Room: ₱3,500 (good for 5)
  • Group Room: ₱4,000 (good for 6-10) 
  • Team Room: ₱8,000 (good for 10-15)

Extra mattress: ₱700

All rooms come with free breakfast


  • Corkage fee: None
  • Contact numbers: 0945 643 3473
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Facebook Page:


Exact location: N.Bacalso Ave. Coro Dalaguete, Philippines

BY BUS: From the South Bus Terminal, ride a bus with a route passing Dalaguete. You can tell the driver or the conductor to drop you off at Rockwalled. The resort will be just by the main road buses take.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Rockwalled Beach Resort”.

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