Ensuring Road Safety in Cebu City: A Guide by LTO-7

In Cebu City, road safety is a shared responsibility, emphasized by the Land Transportation Office in Central Visayas (LTO-7). Whether you’re a driver or part of the riding public, staying attentive on the road is crucial to prevent accidents. 

Road accidents have been an ever-existing happenstance, and yet they are still very prolific today, both because of the shortcomings of the road infrastructure that we have, and the people’s decisions and states of mind behind the wheel.

Here are key tips to enhance road safety:

Be a Defensive Driver

To navigate traffic effectively, adopt a defensive driving approach. LTO-7 Director Glen Galario advises drivers to observe all sides, including pedestrians. Anticipating the actions of other road users and remaining vigilant can prevent potential hazards.

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Avoid Road Rage

Steer clear of road rage and the insistence on the ‘right of way.’ In moments of unexpected events, practice patience, give way, and maintain a calm demeanor. Galario emphasizes the importance of understanding that compelling reasons might lead to unusual driving behavior.

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No Overspeeding

On crowded streets, adhere to a maximum speed limit of 20 kilometers per hour. While this may be challenging during peak hours, it ensures the safety of all road users. Galario emphasizes the need to drive responsibly, especially in quieter areas during the evening.

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Do Not Drink Before Driving

Prioritize safety by refraining from driving under the influence. Galario suggests taking a taxi or designating a sober driver when attending events where alcohol is consumed.

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Report Reckless Drivers

Encourage the public to report reckless drivers to authorities. When reporting, provide essential details such as the plate number, vehicle type, color, and ideally the brand for easier identification. The plate number is particularly crucial in identifying and taking appropriate action.

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Duty of Driver in Case of Accident:

Highlighting Section 55 of Republic Act 4136, LTO-7 emphasizes the responsibilities of a driver in case of an accident. This includes presenting the driver’s license, providing true name and address, and aiding the victim. Neglecting to assist the victim can lead to civil and criminal liability.

Prioritizing road safety in Cebu City requires collective effort. By being a defensive driver, avoiding road rage, observing speed limits, refraining from driving under the influence, and reporting reckless behavior, everyone can contribute to safer roads. Understanding and adhering to the duties outlined in the Land Transportation and Traffic Code ensures a responsible and secure driving environment for all.

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