From a ‘Riles Boy’ to Siomai Business Owner earning ₱1M a Month

Dreams will only come true if one puts hard work into them.

Yet another inspiring success story of a person who gave his all to gain the life he has now. The secret ingredients to his success? Determination, hard work, and siomai.

Photo from Rated Korina YouTube Channel

Meet Henry Guruta, the millionaire who earns ₱1 Million a month. However, his success did not happen overnight. Let us know more about Henry Guruta’s story.

Growing up along the Train Tracks

Henry had a tough childhood. He grew up along the train tracks with his dad and two siblings. Unfortunately, Henry’s mother left the family when he was young. His father also had many vices, which is why Henry became the breadwinner of his family at such a young age.  

Photo from Rated Korina YouTube Channel

To fund his education, as well as his family’s meals, Henry engaged in different jobs. He sold things on the street, became a fast food crew, and sold encyclopedias.

After graduating college, he moved to Nueva Ecija. He then met his wife, and they started a business together.

Turning the Tables

Henry and his wife, Jean, started a siomai business together. They created their own recipe and constructed a stall near their house. Their siomai became a hit, and a few years later, they were able to grow their business. Henry’s siomai is not only delicious but also affordable.

Photo from Rated Korina YouTube Channel
Photo from Rated Korina YouTube Channel
Photo from Rated Korina YouTube Channel

The couple went from using their DIY stall to having about 500 branches throughout the Philippines. Because of their business, the Guruta couple now owns a siomai factory and 8 delivery trucks. Their lifestyle also upgraded, with four cars.

Who would have thought that choosing siomai for business would elevate someone’s life? Henry and Jean took the risk, and because of their positive attitudes and determination, they were able to turn the tables.

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