Get to know about your rights as a passenger for a canceled flight

Everyone wants to be on time for a flight, to get on time and follow their day-to-day schedule of events. 

Each and every single person has a reason to go to the airport, whether it may be for business or pleasure. 

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Regardless, being precisely on time is something which is expected of airline passengers, and being even slightly late will not be tolerated, with no warnings and exceptions.

Occasionally however, there are instances in which arriving earlier than the destined time is not enough, and complications involving the air flight occur.

This is where your rights come in. Believe it or not, passengers have a set of various rights that they are entitled to enforce whenever an inconvenience takes place. An important thing to note is that specific rights hold no value if and only if the reason for a delay or cancellation is out of the airline’s control, such as severe weather and safety reasons.

What are some options to consider when your flight gets canceled? 

If a flight is called off less than 24 hours before the designated time due to the airline’s fault, some actions you could take are:

  • Demand a refund for the purchased tickets if you change your mind about going through with it.
  • Inquire for another available flight on another airline, fully paid.
  • Choose another date to reschedule for with no extra expense.

Early birds who arrive on time and got their flights suspended may indulge in numerous amenities such as:

  • Food and drinks
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Transportation to hotel
  • Communication services (Calls, Texts, E-mails)

Remember to keep an important note that these services are not accessible to patrons if the cause for cancellation isn’t accountable to the airline.

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What are some options to consider when your flight gets delayed?

For passengers whose flights have been delayed for a minimum of 3 hours, they are entitled to complimentary meals, drinks, communication services, and the options to refund, reschedule, or ask to be put in a different carrier.

A delay of more than 6 hours can be regarded as a cancellation, whereas the passenger may also ask for cash and vouchers to compensate, as well as the right to board the flight.

If a passenger experiences a 2 hour flight delay however, they are entitled to food and beverages.

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While flight delays can be frustrating, understanding your rights empowers you to navigate such situations with confidence and seek appropriate recourse when necessary.

The next time you find yourself facing a flight delay, remember that your rights as a passenger are there to protect you and ensure a smoother journey.

Safe travels!

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