Here’s How You Can reduce Your Air Conditioner Electricity Bill

“Isara ang purtahan kay mugawas ang aircon” (Close the door, the aircon might get out)

You have probably heard your parents say that or even said it yourself. It’s a common phrase people say when the door is open while the AC is running. However, it is one way of preventing wasted energy. 

Let’s be honest; this heat makes us all wish to turn our air conditioners up to the max and leave it running for the entire day. But of course, running the AC means soaring electricity bills. Fortunately, there are ways for you to reduce your electricity bill even when using an air conditioner.

1. Make Sure the Installation is Right

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Did you know that a poorly installed air conditioner can make it work even harder? Unfortunately, when it works harder, it can actually increase your electricity bill. 

Do not do the installation on your own. Always hire a professional to ensure that the unit is installed correctly. 

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

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Homeowners or people with an air conditioning unit do not usually know that ACs should not be installed in direct sunlight. Once a unit is exposed to sunlight, it will increase its performance load.

3. Insulate the room

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When using an air conditioning unit, you must ensure all windows and doors are properly closed. The area will be kept cool because warm air cannot get in from outside. 

4. Using AC only when in the room or if necessary 

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This is a common practice. Whenever you are not in the room, make sure to turn off the AC completely. Not only will it help save electricity, but it will also give your AC time to rest before it is used again. 

5. Regular Maintenance

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Much like cars, air conditioning units also need regular maintenance. Hire a professional to thoroughly check the unit and clean it of dust or dirt. Ultimately, cleaning and maintaining the AC will help it perform better. 

Make sure to follow these ways so you won’t have to worry about your electricity bill skyrocketing because of your AC usage. Let us also be responsible AC owners and users, especially when we need it most.

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