Purple Cake Shop Cebu Capitol Branch is Finally Opening on November 17

Good news, Cebu! It’s time to paint your palate purple with Purple Cake Shop’s Capitol Branch!

Purple Cake Shop brings extra sweetness to Cebuanos closer to the city as they open their Capitol Branch. Ube cake lovers do not need to travel far just to taste Purple Cake Shop’s rich and decadent cakes. 

The Capitol Branch is set to open on November 17, 2023. And guess what? They are giving away a 10% DISCOUNT on all cake sizes WITH FREEBIES for the first 50 customers!

Purple Cake Shop: Bakes Cakes Fresh Everyday

Purple Cake Shop is known for crafting Purple Yam Cake or Ube cake. The cake is made with 100% pure Ube Halaya, which offers a richer and more delectable taste than traditional cake icing. 

The History of Ube Cakes

Ube cakes have a rich history, where Ube Halaya is the main ingredient of traditional Filipino desserts such as Ube Puto Bumbong and Ube Sapin-sapin. Moreover, upon the arrival of the Americans, cake flour was introduced. And so, it “revolutionized” the baking process, which allowed small bakes to create their own Ube cakes.

Speaking of revolutionizing Ube cakes, Purple Cake Shop is doing just that.

Purple Cake Shop, an FDA-licensed food manufacturer, has significantly enhanced the Ube cake industry by transforming it from a small-scale, home-based operation into a sophisticated, large-scale commercial enterprise. This upgrade ensures quality consistency and adherence to food safety standards.

Purple Cake Shop Always Commits to Provide Fresh Cakes

“Commitment to freshness.” That’s what Purple Cake Capitol Branch swears by. The shop prides itself on baking the cakes fresh daily so that customers will receive only the freshest products. 

Furthermore, Purple Cake Shop also meticulously plans baking schedules to avoid over-stocking cakes and selling stale ones. 

Purple Cake Shop revealed that they elevated the overall quality of Ube cakes while “still honoring its cultural significance and traditional roots.”

Purple Cake Shop’s Standout Favorite

Are you planning to buy a cake from the shop soon? Make sure to grab and taste their medium-sized 10” slab cake. This cake is perfect for small and private events or parties. 

Not only that, but Purple Cake Shop also has portable options for people who love eating cake on a regular basis.

You can make a reservation online to secure your orders. Just simply head to www.purplecake.ph. In addition, the platform also allows the shop to generate realistic baking forecasts to make sure that the customers’ expectations for fresh and high-quality Ube Cake are met. 

Purple Cake Shop Branches:

Check out the different Purple Cake Shop Branches below.

  1. Plaza Margarita, Minglanilla
  2. Cebu Capitol Site
  3. Toledo City
  4. Talamban, Cebu (upcoming branch)

The expansion of franchisees in Cebu is a big help to the brand’s growth. Moreover, Purple Cake Shop Cebu sees to it that it will always be committed to delivering unique cake offers to a bigger audience.



  • Medium-sized 10” slab cake


  • Purple Cake On The Go – PHP 65.00
  • Purple Cake 6” Tin Can (Heart Shaped) – PHP 300.00
  • Purple Cake 6” Tin Can (Round Shaped) – PHP 300.00
  • Purple Cake 6.5” Tin Can (Limited Edition Purple Colored, Round Shaped) – PHP 320.00
  • Purple Cake 8” Heart Shape – PHP 500
  • Purple Cake 8” Round Shape – PHP 500
  • Purple Cake 10” Slab (Medium) – PHP 650
  • Purple Cake 14” Slab (Large) – PHP 950

Other Information:


Exact location: DG3 Corporation Building, 72N Escario Street, Capitol Site 6000, Cebu City, Philippines.

BY COMMUTE: From IT Park, ride 17B to the Capitol site. Tell the driver to drop you off at RCBC Branch. DG3 Corporation Building is just beside the RCBC Escario Branch.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “DG3 Corporation” in Cebu. 

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