5 Beautiful Public Beaches in Lapu-Lapu City

Cebu is a sanctuary of many beaches and natural attractions with some of them even being the best in the country. Marigondon and Punta Engaño in Lapu-lapu houses many beaches that belong to both financial spectrums. Regardless whether it is a 5-star resort or just a simple public beach, people frequent these beaches for the same reasons – to explore, appreciate, and share the experience with other people.

Private resorts already get a lot of attention but there are many public beaches tucked in Lapu-Lapu that are also worth the trip. Get your swimwear ready as we dive into 5 public beaches that are worth visiting in Lapu-Lapu.

1. Tonggo Beach

Tonggo beach or also known as “Ka-Tero” is a mini-paradise nestled in Marigondon. The low-hanging cliffs suspended over the shallow azure waters create canopies that provide shade from the sun while soaking in the water.

On the other side of the water is a verdant backdrop made by a couple of shrubs and ferns and a few occasional trees. There are also grasslands that are perfect for pitching tents while waiting for dust – an equally pleasing experience without getting in the water.

There are tents for rent but are only limited so it would be a great idea to bring your own.

Entrance fee: ₱10 per head


  1. You can bring your own tents, tables, and chairs. There is a lot of space for setting up.
  2. There are no guards or staff to watch over your things. Make sure to always have someone keep watch over everyone’s belongings.
  3. Bringing of food and drinks is allowed. Leave no trace and practice CLAYGO (Clean As You Go).


Exact Location: Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu –  1 to 2 hours from the Metro

BY CAR (recommended): Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and find your way to Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu. Upon arrival, ask the locals for directions to Tonggo Beach.

BY COMMUTE: Ride a 01K Jeepney to Parkmall from SM City or E-mall. In Parkmall, take a MI-04A jeepney going to Tamiya terminal. You can confirm with the jeepney drivers if they are passing by Tamiya terminal. From Tamiya, ride another multicab to Crossing Marigondon. Once there, look for habal-habal drivers and negotiate a ride to Eskina Bluereef or Ocean Pearl. If they’re willing, you can also ask them to just drop you off at the eskina of Tonggo Beach to shorten the distance to walk to the island. The total fare will only be less than P100.

2. Marigondon Public Beach

Despite being a public beach, this is considered as one of the finest public beaches in the Philippines even to the point that it rivals the beauty of the world-famous Boracay.

People frequent the fine white sands and pristine waters of the beach especially on weekends. Aside from being on par with the beauty of 5-star resorts, the coral reefs 300 yards off the beach also make it a hot spot for scuba divers because of its accessibility.

The aquatic flora and fauna thriving in the reef is something worth seeing as well.

Entrance fee: None as of the moment


Exact Location: Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu –  a few minutes from MCIA

BY CAR (recommended): Marigondon Beach is just a few minutes away from Mactan Cebu International Airport. Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set the destination to “Marigondon Beach”.

3. Crab Island

The Crab Island is already quite popular among the locals of Mactan. But not too many people know about this “hidden paradise” yet. Technically, there’s no entrance fee but there are some residents who might charge you ₱10 per head for “touring purposes”, but we recommend to avail this as a help to preserve this attraction.


  • ₱25 per person – V-hire fare from SM City Cebu Terminal to Gaisano Mactan
  • ₱12 per person – Multicab/jeepney fare from Gaisano Cordova to Eskina Ylaya
  • ₱7 – Tricycle fare from Eskina Ylaya to the Crab Island
  • Entrance Fee: FREE!
  • You can bring your own tent. Or tables and chairs. There’s no cottage available in the area.
  • No snacks for sale in the area.
  • Bringing of food and drinks is okay for now. Also bring your own trash bag. CLEAN AS YOU GO POLICY.

How to get there?

Travel time: 1-2 hours from Cebu City + ~10 minutes going to the Crab Island.

BY JEEPNEY: From Cebu City, take a 01k jeepney to Parkmall (₱10 /head). From Parkmall, take a Soong (Crossing Marigondon), ₱15/head. Inform the jeepney driver to drop you to crossing Ylaya. From there, ride a Tricycle to Crab island (₱7 /head) and walk about 6-7 minutes to the island.

BY V-HIRE: From SM City Cebu, ride a v-hire bound for Gaisano Island Mall Mactan. From Gaisano, take a Soong (Crossing Marigondon), ₱15/head. Inform the jeepney driver to drop you to crossing Ylaya. From there, ride a Tricycle to Crab island (₱7 /head) and walk about 6-7 minutes to the island.

ALTERNATIVE: From Pier 3 in Cebu City, ride a ferry boat goig to Lapu-Lapu City for ₱14 per head. Then ride a multicab or jeepney going to Gaisano Mactan for ₱7 per head.

4. San Vicente Marine Fish Sanctuary

This area is considered as one of the most extensive reefs in the region. This 4,482-hectare island contains stretches of sandy beaches, rocky shoreline, and an abundance of marine life.

It is perfect for swimming and snorkeling around with the fishes in the water. This paradise belonging to the Olango Island Mactan Group is another budget destination for everybody.


  • Boardwalk Entrance: P25 per person
  • Snorkeling and Swimming: P75 per person
  • Native cottages: P350 for day use
  • Tables with umbrella: P200 for day use
  • Overnight camping: P150 per head per night

Exact location: Olango Island across Mactan, Cebu – 1 hour away from the city.

Ride a 01K jeepney (either from SM City or E-mall) that’s bound for Parkmall. From Parkmall, ride a jeep heading to Punta Engaño and drop off at Angasil Port then ride a boat to Olango island.

Olango Island is only about a 20-minute boat ride from Mactan Island. There are 2 piers to catch boats; one is located in Mövenpick Resort (Punta Engaño) and the other is in Portofino resort. Fare is around Php 15.

5. Punta Engaño

Punta Engaño is the only public beach in this list that is not a pure white sand beach. Instead, Punta Engaño Beach is a natural collection of rocks and sand lining the coast and lush, green vegetation growing on some of the rock formations.

Entrance fee: None as of the moment

Exact Location: Punta Engaño, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu 

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