Protecting Your eWallet: Essential Tips for Financial Security

Are you one of those people who prefer to be cashless? And by cashless meaning, your money comes from and goes to your eWallets. If yes, then this guide is for you.

Many people nowadays would rather make transactions online than bring cash, and there are many reasons, one being theft. However, make no mistake – thieving can happen digitally, but not if you’re secured. So, how exactly do we protect our eWallets?

1. Put a lock on your device.

Since you have an eWallet installed, putting a lock on it is critical. It could be a passcode, PIN, or pattern lock. Whatever it may be, ensure it can’t be easily deciphered. That being said, do not use 0000 or 1234, or 1111. Come on; you’re better than that.

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2. Keep track of your eWallet activity.

Always be on top of things concerning your online transactions to avoid any potential fraud. Contact your financial institution immediately if you see anything suspicious in your statement.

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3. Install security apps.

Consider installing security apps to add more protection to your devices’ sensitive information. Some of these apps even provide location services that are proven helpful in the event that your devices get lost or stolen. Finding an app that remotely deletes everything on your device is also useful in case retrieval becomes impossible.

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4. Beware of the sites you visit.

At this point, we should already have an idea of the lengths these “scammers” go to just to try and steal your data and everything that comes with it. With that said, remember to check the sites you use your eWallet on. Don’t let your excitement of getting that item/service get the best of you. And remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is – so stay vigilant.

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While eWallets generally offer safety, they are not completely immune to threats. Implementing extra security measures to minimize risks and safeguard your financial information from unauthorized access is crucial. Protecting your financial data rests in your hands, and investing the time and effort into securing your eWallet is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it provides.

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