Produktiv Osmena: Cebu’s New Study & Workspace Officially Opens!

Not feeling productive while working or studying from home? Well, a new work and study space in Cebu will boost your productivity— Produktiv Osmeña Workspace.

A Solution to a Crisis during the Onslaught of Bagyong Odette

Who would have thought that an office would become a safe haven for people who sought electricity during the onslaught of Bagyong Odette? 

Before Produktiv’s first Workspace in Cebu Business Park was officially established, it was an office for one of the owners’ businesses. However, due to the pandemic, they had to stop using it. 

Time skip to Bagyong Odette, the office was conveniently located in a building at Cebu Business Park with a generator. The office owners opened the space to friends who needed electricity until they started welcoming customers. 

Produktiv started as an “aid” to those people who needed electricity. Moreover, since the office owners saw the market of people looking for a place to work or study, they decided to establish Produktiv Workspace PH. 

They opened their first Workspace at Cebu Business Park and have now expanded to Osmeña Blvd. 

Produktiv Osmeña Blvd Workspace

The Osmeña workspace finally had its soft launch, which means it is ready to cater to students and workers looking for a hyper-focus space. 

The new workspace is bigger, more spacious, and offers more amenities. 

Dedicated Seating

One of the common dilemmas for workspaces is the availability of chairs. But it’s not something to worry about when you work or study at Produktiv. When you book a space for a day, it is solely yours up to 9:30am the next day  without a monthly lock-in. You won’t have to worry about other customers taking the space while you head out. You can reserve a seat in advance to secure your space.

Not only that, but the chairs used are ergonomic chairs to ensure comfort. 

Power Nap Room and Pantry

Produktiv Osmeña has a nap room where customers who wish to take a break and get a few minutes of shuteye can stay. The room has two comfortable bean bags to sit or lay down on. 

One of the best things about Produktiv is that they have a pantry complete with utensils, a sink, a refrigerator, and a microwave. Customers won’t have to worry about buying food or going out to buy some snacks. They can simply bring their lunch and reheat it in the microwave. They also don’t charge any corkage for outside food and drinks!

Also how could we forget, there’s free-flowing, unlimited coffee brewed in partnership with a brand new coffee shop opening beside us this December!

24/7 CCTV and Biometrics

Produktiv Osmeña is one of the safest workspaces here in Cebu. They have CCTVs that operate 24/7 to ensure the safety of its customers and employees. Moreover, they also make use of a Biometrics system for the doors. 

One of the owners said that only those who check-in during the designated check-in time (like a hotel!)  will get to enter the workspace using the biometrics during their stay. 

As mentioned, utensils are also provided. 

Reminder: Produktiv Workspace reminds its patrons to be responsible. Once you are done using the utensils and other amenities, make sure to clean up.

Other Amenities

Here are other amenities that Produktiv Workspace has to offer:

  • Lockers
    • There is no separate monthly fee for lockers
  • Internet with backup
  • Call Booth (mini meeting rooms) 
  • Dedicated Outlets Per Seat

Produktiv Osmeña Flexipass

Another reason why Produktiv Osmeña is one of the best and most convenient workspaces here in Cebu is its Flexi Pass. Unlike regular passes, the Flexi pass allows customers to consume the passes any time they want. 

Speaking of the Flexipass, Produktiv is having promo rates to celebrate their grand re-opening

  • 3-Day Flexipass
    • From P990 (P330/day) to P750 (P250/day)
  • 7-Day Flexipass
    • From P2,290 (P327/day) to P1,700 (P242/day)
  • 15-Day Flexipass
    • From P4790 (P319/day) to P3,600 (P240/day)
  • 30-Day Flexipass
    • From P8,990 (P299/day) to P6,600 (P220/day)

They also have promo rates for their daily, weekly, and monthly pass

  • Daily Pass
    • From P390 to P330
  • Weekly Pass
    • From P2,690 to P2,200
  • Monthly Pass
    • From P9,990 to P9,000

But wait; there’s more! Board Exam takers also have a special promo rate. You can now avail the daily pass for P300 instead of P390.

Produktiv Emphasizes Productivity

Why isn’t Produktiv a cafe? 

The answer to that is the owners wanted to push for proper productivity. They wanted Produktiv to be known as a place where people can hyperfocus and not get distracted. 

A place where people don’t have to worry about paying for expensive drinks just to have a good study spot, or to spend a lot on a meal because they can’t bring their own.

Moreover, the inspiration behind how the workspace is spelled is Filipino pride. The owners wanted Produktiv to be more Filipino, which explains why their membership programs are named after Filipino concepts. 

Let’s be honest; we cannot always focus and be productive in our rooms or at a cafe; we need a change of scenery to get back on track. Lucky for us, Produktiv Workspace is here to provide the productivity haven we need. 


Regular Pass Rates

  • Daily Pass: P390
    • Access for 1 day straight
  • Weekly Pass: P2,699
    • Access for 7 days straight
    • P384.29 per day
  • Monthly Pass: P9,990
    • Access for 30 days straight
    • P330 per day


  • 3-Day flexipass: P990 
    • P330 per day
    • 3 days consumable; expires in 14 days
  • 7-Day flexipass: P2,290
    • P327.14 per day
    • 7 days consumable; expires in 60 days
  • 15-Day flexipass: P4,790
    • P319.33 per day
    • 30 days consumable, expires in 60 days
  • 30-day flexipass: P8,990
    • P299.67 per day
    • 30 days consumable, expires in 90 days

Check-in and Check-out time:

  • Check in:
    • Osmeña Workspace: 10 am to 12MN (Tue to Sat) ; 10 am to 5 PM (Sun to mon)
    • Cebu Business Park Workspace: 10 am to 5 pm Everyday



Exact location of Workspaces:

Cebu Business Park:  17th Floor, Latitude Corporate Center, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Philippines. (Across Ayala Center Cebu, Beside Pag-Ibig Tower)

Osmeña Blvd: 2nd Floor, Jaeja Building, corner J. Llorente St., Osmeña Blvd. (Above Anita’s Bakeshop and House of Burgers. Nearby Hi-Precision Diagnostics Fuente)


  • Cebu Business Park: You can ride any jeep going to Ayala. Ask the driver to drop you off at Pag-Ibig. You can walk to Latitude, where Produktiv is.
  • Osmeña Blvd: You can ride any jeep that passes by Osmeña Blvd. You can tell the driver to drop you off at corner J. Llorente St. or Anita’s Bakery.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Produktiv-Osmena Workspace” or “Produktiv – Cebu Business Park Workspace” in Cebu. Paid parking space is available around both workspaces.

Cebu Business Park Branch:

Osmeña Blvd Branch:

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