POCO is popularizing in the flagship at super speed, equipped with OIS as standard in the F series

It is said that modern people’s “desire to share” is stronger. With smartphones, people are keen to post food, beautiful scenery, pets, and share interesting knowledge around them…It seems simple to post pictures, but it is not easy: It is often a blur when snapping cute moments of pets, and it is impossible to see clearly when taking pictures at night, not to mention the moments of fireworks blooming and racing cars, which are difficult to capture at all. These problems usually do not necessarily mean that there is a problem with your shooting technique, but it is more likely that your mobile phone does not have OIS(optical image stabilization)!

So, what is OIS? What convenience can it bring to our daily shooting? Coincidentally, POCO officially announced that it will release two flagship phones with standard OIS on May 9th. The following two new phones will be used to explain the black technology of OIS in detail.

In this modern era, people’s “desire to share” is stronger. People always want to share about the food they ate, beautiful sceneries they saw, their pets, basically anything they set their heart on. The amazing thing is, they can share their moments with just one click of a smartphone. 

People want to snap a shot of every memory they have but what makes a good shot go bad? Shooting it at night and capturing photos of moving images that always come out blurry. Shots like these are often results of phones that do not have optical image stabilization (OIS). But worry not, with POCO’s two new flagship phones, you can now instill moments in photos with clarity. 

POCO is set to release two new phones with standard OIS on May 9th. Do you want to know more about OIS? Keep on reading. 

What is OIS?

OIS is not a new technology. It is a standard configuration of many flagship phones and an important function that many photographers cannot do without. So, how does OIS work?

First of all, we need to understand what is “jitter”. It is impossible for our hands to remain completely steady when taking pictures or videos, a slight shake may result in blurred or out-of-focus shooting pictures. The OIS technology is to solve this problem. It can reduce the image blur caused by hand shake and improve the clarity of photos and videos.

The principle of OIS technology can be summarized into two key points: 1) sensor; 2) compensation mechanism.


Inside the phone is a sensor that detects shaking the phone, usually a gyroscope and an accelerometer. The gyroscope can detect the change of the angle of the phone in space, and the accelerometer can detect the change of the acceleration of the phone in space. The phone can monitor and capture the shaking of the hand in real time through these two sensors.

Compensation Mechanism:

The optical image stabilization system will immediately start the compensation mechanism when the sensor detects that the phone is shaken. The phone instantly calculates the direction and magnitude of the shake. Then, the lens moves slightly in the opposite direction through a series of precise drivers (such as electromagnetic coils, piezoelectric ceramic motors, etc.),thereby offsetting the impact of shaking on the picture. In this way, the picture can still remain stable even if the hand shakes.

What are the advantages of OIS-Artifact for photography?

let’s take a look at its advantages after understanding the principle of optical image stabilization.

1. Improved photo clarity

The phone needs a certain exposure time to capture enough light during the shooting process. However, hand-held shooting can lead to blurry images due to jitter at longer exposure times. OIS technology can eliminate the blur caused by hand shake to a certain extent, thereby improving the clarity of photos.

For example, hand shaking will cause obvious blurring in the photos taken if there is no optical image stabilization technology when taking photos of dogs playing at home. For the POCO F5 series with OIS technology, even if you take out your phone impromptuly to take a photo, the photos can still be clear. Among them, POCO F5 Pro is equipped with motion capture function, which can track the action you are capturing. It is easy to shoot children and pets playing.

2. Improved shooting quality in low light environment

When shooting in a dark environment, the phone needs to use a higher ISO value to increase the sensitivity of the sensor. However, high ISO values can lead to increased image noise and lower image quality. Optical image stabilization technology allows you to obtain longer exposure times at lower ISO values, thereby reducing noise and improving image quality.

Taking shooting night scenes as an example, the mobile phone may need to use a high ISO value to ensure the brightness of the picture, if there is no OIS technology, resulting in a lot of noise and blurred pictures. With optical image stabilization technology, you can use a longer exposure time at a lower ISO value to take clearer and less noisy night scene photos, which is why the POCO F5 series has a good night scene imaging effect reason.

3. Improved video stability

Stability is a very critical factor when shooting video. Shaking your hands can affect the stability of your video whether you’re walking, running, or shooting hand-held. OIS technology can eliminate shaking in real time during shooting, making the video picture more stable and smoother.

Take shooting sports scenes as an example. Shaking will inevitably occur when you hold a mobile phone to shoot athletes who are competing. If there is no optical image stabilization technology, the captured video images are likely to be bumpy and unstable. For the POCO F5 series with OIS, the video picture can remain stable and smooth even when shooting during motion. In addition, POCO F5 Pro is equipped with a motion tracking focus function. It will automatically move the focus to keep the focus accurate if there are many people or objects in the lens. It is very suitable for shooting sports videos or Vlog videos.

In addition to OIS, the 64MP triple camera of POCO F5 Pro also has a fast motion capture function, which can quickly take up to 50 photos in a few seconds, and easily capture the moment you want, which is very powerful.

Not only OIS, but large memory is also very important

Are your phone often running out of memory because of taking too many photos/videos? Just look for large memory when buying a machine! Many friends often think that the basic memory configuration is enough when buying a phone, but they don’t know that more photos/videos, applications and games are further compressing the phone’s memory space, which can affect normal use. Why recommend large memory (RAM+ROM)With the same configuration?

Smoother system running experience

Large memory can provide a larger running space for the phone operating system, making the system smoother when handling multitasking. As various applications have higher requirements for hardware performance, large memory has become the key to ensure the smooth operation of phones.

Multitasking ability

Users’ demand for multitasking on mobile phones is also increasing with the development of the mobile Internet. The large memory allows users to easily switch and process multiple tasks without limitation when using multiple applications. This not only saves time, but also improves work efficiency.

Extend the life of the phone

With the upgrading of phone applications, hardware performance requirements are gradually increasing. The memory capacity of phones determines the service life of phones to a certain extent. A phone with a large memory will be easier to adapt to the upgrade of various applications in the future, thereby prolonging the life of phones and reducing the frequency of replacement, thereby achieving the purpose of saving money.

Here I have to mention the large memory combination of POCO F5 Pro, which is equipped with up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of ROM, whether it is multi-tasking running at the same time, a large amount of photo and video storage or game applications, such a flagship memory configuration can be easily dealt with.

POCO popularized flagship technology

Whether it is OIS or large memory, POCO is not the first. The rare thing of POCO is that it quickly popularizes these configurations that originally belonged to those expensive flagship phones to lower-price phones.

Not only OIS and large memory, the POCO F5 series also brings many flagship configurations, including the top Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor on the POCO F5 Pro, and a large 5160mAh battery; Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 processor, Flow AMOLED and more. POCO is using its own actions to tell all fans that the flagship phone does not need to cost thousands of dollars.

Therefore, whether you are pursuing top performance or like video shooting, the POCO is recommended to you and you can pay attention to the new product launch event on May 9th. Looking forward to surprises brought by POCO again! Finally, what questions do you have about mobile photography? What are your expectations for the new POCO phone? Let’s chat together!

POCO F5: https://shopee.ph/product/178878361/23339502932/?utm_campaign=s178878361_ss_ph_fbip_m11am16t-hq&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=seller&utm_content=pocohq-kol-blog

POCO F5 Pro: https://shopee.ph/product/178878361/18878756664/?utm_campaign=s178878361_ss_ph_fbip_m11am16t-hq&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=seller&utm_content=pocohq-kol-blog

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