Pneumonia Cases Rise, DOH Encourages Everyone to Wear Facemasks

According to the Department of Health, there has been a spike in confirmed pneumonia cases in the Philippines in the first 10 months of the year. 

Health Assistant Secretary Beverly Ho encourages the public, especially those prone to sickness, to wear masks outdoors. 

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Moreover, DOH has reported 158,762 pneumonia cases from January to October. In addition, Ho also stated that more cases should be expected during the cooler months and that wearing face masks is an effective way to protect ourselves from respiratory sickness. 

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Furthermore, pneumonia has also become a global concern, with reports of increased respiratory illness cases in China. 

“Given this, the DOH also continuously works to further mitigate cases in the country through strengthened monitoring (and) implementing catch-up immunization and outbreak response immunization strategies, especially in areas with increasing incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases,” said DOH

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In addition, Ho said that if a person has had coughs for more than two weeks, they have to consult a doctor immediately since symptoms can lead to something severe. 

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