5 PC and Mobile Games to Play With Your Internet Friends

Sometimes the real friends you could have are the ones on the other side of the screen.

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February is not only the month of love, it’s also the month of friendship. February 13 marks the official day of International Internet friends day. And what better way to appreciate the friends you’ve met online than spend time with them while playing the games you all love?

It’s time to set up a game night and head to Discord with these 5 PC and Mobile Games to play with your internet friends.

1. Valorant

Starting off strong with one of the most popular PC games, Valorant. If you are looking for a game you can play with your online friends that boost adrenaline, Valorant is the way to go.

This first-person tactical hero shooter was developed by Riot Games. If you’ve played counter-strike before, you might notice some similarities.

Valorant is a team-based game, you can even team up with your friends. Players take the role of different agents, depending on which one you and your friends would pick. Each agent has different abilities and an ult. Activate your ult by the number of kills, orbs, objectives, or death.

Once you have picked your agents, you and your team are then assigned as either “Attackers” or “Defenders.

Attackers are given a spike that should be planted in any of the sites, depending on the map that’s given during that game. Once you plant the spike, you must protect it so the other team won’t be able to diffuse it.

Defenders on the other hand are the team that defends the sites so attackers won’t be able to plant the spike. Defenders must destroy the attackers or diffuse the spike to win.

Credits are given to each player which you can use to pick guns of your choice from the store.

Valorant has different game modes to choose from but what players commonly go for are Unrated and Competitive.

2. Mobile Legends

If you don’t have a PC, you can play this game using your mobile phone. Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena. To play the game, you need a team of 5 and will go against another team.

The main objective of this game is to destroy the enemy’s base. Each player can choose their own hero as the game begins. Each hero also has their own skills. If you are looking for a game that does not usually take long to play, Mobile Legend is a good choice since it only lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Among Us

Among Us became popular in 2020. People were cooped up in their houses and had no way of interacting outside. This game trended online ever since video game content creators showcased the game in their live streams or videos.

Among Us is a typical who-done-it game. There’s a crew of 10 people on a ship who have different tasks to complete during the whole duration of the game. Players are assigned as either “crewmates” or “Impostors”.

Crewmates must complete their assigned tasks without getting killed by the impostor. They must also report anything suspicious by hitting the big red button that’s in the middle of the map. If you see a dead body you must hit “report”. A team meeting will commence and you all try to figure out who the impostor is.

The impostor has got to be the most exciting assignment. If you are the impostor, you will be given a fake task but in truth, your mission is to blend in and kill all crewmates. You can either report the body you eliminated or run away and hide. Impostors need to be good at lying if you do not want to get voted and booted off the ship.

4. UNO!

Looking for a chill game? You are in for a treat since the beloved UNO! is now on mobile. UNO! is a classic card game wherein each player has the objective of getting rid of all the cards they have. When you are down to your last card, you must yell “UNO!”.

The official website owned by UNO! has announced that the game is now available on mobile and players cannot hide their excitement. The game might be intimidating at first and the rules can be quite confusing, but eventually, players will get a hang of it.

5. League of Legends / League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends or commonly known as LOL is a multiplayer online battle where people can battle with other players. Just like Mobile Legends, there are 5 players in each team and the objective is to destroy the enemy’s base. The base is known as Nexus in the game, the first to destroy the enemy’s Nexus wins.

If you don’t have a PC, you can play its mobile version named League of Legends: Wild Rift. It’s exactly the same game except with lesser champions, controls made for mobile phones, and the games’ duration are significantly shorter.

Make International Internet Friends Day even more special by playing these 5 amazing PC and Mobile Games. Friends are forever, and internet friends last a lifetime. You might not get to meet each other in person for now but these 5 games can be another way of spending time and strengthening your friendship.

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