20-year-old Son of Tricycle Driver Receives P106 Million worth of Scholarships

This 20-year-old is given a chance to turn his life around with P106 Million worth of Scholarships from international universities. 

Meet Julian Martir, a senior high school graduate whose father is a tricycle driver and mother who’s a vendor. Julian applied to 30 schools in the United Kingdom and the United States. As a result, he now has a whopping $1.9 million worth of scholarships, which is around P106 Million.

Photo from Julian Martir

The 20-year-old got accepted into the following Universities:

  • Ohio Wesleyan University
  • Clarkson University
  • Hofstra University
  • Marquette University
  • Alfred University
  • Xavier University
  • Duquesne University
  • DePaul University
  • Regis University
  • Simmons University
  • Woodbury University
  • The University of Texas at Arlington
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Webster University
  • Ball State University
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Fordham University
  • Kent State University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • The University of Arizona
  • The University of New Hampshire
  • Drexel University
  • Johnson and Wales University
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Stony Brook University
  • the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Clemson University in Richmond
  • The American International University in London

Now that’s a long list. 

At the moment, Julian still has not decided and is keeping his options open. He is currently eyeing the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland. He is also waitlisted on a priority list at Connecticut College.

According to him, his choices are also determined by program offers, cost of attendance, campus environment safety, extracurricular activities, and the location where his uncle lives.

Julian on Destigmatizing Gap Years

In the Philippines, when you choose to take a gap year, you will be ridiculed and labeled as “tamad” or lazy in school. However, Julian wanted to destigmatize taking gap years because that is what he did to prepare himself for his college admissions.

Julian shared how he wrote over 100 essays, searched interview questions, worked to make a good impression, and prepared all the necessary documents. And now, his hard work is bearing fruit because he received tons and tons of acceptance letters from different universities. 

Photo from Julian Martir

Julian also makes it his goal to contribute to the community through science and technology. Way to go, Julian!

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  1. Eric gets a call from his old friend, Joel, 55, who
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    for a time, thirty years or more ago, but had joined the
    rat race while his best buddy from the old hippy days

    It was Saturday, mid morning, of a beautiful August day.
    Eric parked the car behind Joel’s old panel truck. The
    whole family rushed out to meet him, Joel, his young
    wife, Daisy, just 24, and their three girls, Summer,
    eight, Spring, nine, and Flower age ten.

    “Found it all right, my old buddy?” Joel asked as he
    gave his old friend a warm hug which Eric returned.

    “No problem. Drove up from San Francisco and stayed in a
    motel on the five last night, not too far away, and here
    I am. Jeez, it’s great to see you. You haven’t gained a
    pound. How do you do it?”

    Joel laughed. “Well, having a young, beautiful wife
    helps, and three lively girls too. They… ah, keep the
    pounds off, that’s for sure,” he said gesturing to the
    girls and his wife, standing almost in a row and looking
    at Eric very intently and warmly with smiles on their

    Joel was about five ten, and 170 pounds, very strong
    looking. He had a shock of white hair, and deep blue
    penetrating eyes.

    “This is my wife, Daisy, the better half for sure, and
    our three girls. Flower is our oldest, ten, in the blue
    summer dress, and the middle one’s Spring, nine in the
    tiny black skirt, no top and her old fedora hat. She
    usually doesn’t wear anything, but I told her to meet
    you she should at least wear shorts or a skirt. Our
    youngster is Summer. She’s eight and has her moms auburn
    red hair. Say hi to my old friend, Eric, girls.”

    “We sure have been looking forward to your visit, Eric.
    The girls are all excited. It’s been awhile since we had
    a nice visit from a man.” Daisy said as she gave Eric a
    hug in greeting.

    Each of the girls followed suit giving Eric a warm hug.
    He thought they were all delightful. Daisy, Joel’s wife,
    was about five four and only around 100 pounds. She had
    on tight short shorts and he could see her cunt slit
    without much trouble as the shorts sank in it. She had
    on a white blouse, and no bra. Her breasts were small
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    She had long auburn red hair and warm brown eyes. She
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    Eric had a hard time not staring at nine year old
    Spring. She was a beautiful girl with full luscious
    lips, in a half smile, a trim, athletic body, shapely
    legs, around four, maybe 65 pounds. She was only wearing
    a very short black skirt with an uneven hem, layered
    over with lace that sat low on her hips. He stomach was
    flat, and she had just the start of breast development,
    soft light pinkish nipples sitting on the slightest of

    He tried not to stare at her luscious exposed nipples,
    but he couldn’t. He was embarrassed that the young
    prepubescent girl was sexually exciting to him, but
    really a hell of a lot more than that. He had an almost
    overpowering urge to suck her nipples, her clit, lick
    her anus, devour her. It was the strongest sexual urge
    he had felt in many a year. He knew she wanted it,
    wanted him. God help him. He knew he was lost, unless he
    immediately left, but Eric had no intention to do that,
    no siree!

    Spring must have known it, his sexual preoccupation with
    her as she grinned wickedly at him, promising the old
    man, well, to her. The old man, whatever he wanted,
    whatever, she was all his. Spring looked at Eric’s
    growing bulge in his crotch, and her wicked grin got
    bigger and bigger. Spring’s hair was a deep black, long
    and naturally somewhat curly. She had an old beat up
    felt fedora on her head, pulled low over her eyes. She
    looked up and into Eric’s eyes intently with great
    interest. Oh, Jeez! Eric barely muttered to himself. Oh
    my God!

    Flower, the ten year old was wearing a short, light,
    translucent summer dress in a light blue pastel flowered
    pattern, with spaghetti shoulder straps. It was probably
    meant to be worn with a slip as he could easily make out
    her body underneath, her pinkish nipples on a tiny
    bulge. She didn’t seem to be wearing panties.

    Flower was a blonde, with shortish curly hair and brown,
    soft eyes, and about four six and a little over 70
    pounds. Her eyes flirted with Eric’s. Flower had light
    pink lipstick on and mascara and some light eyeliner.
    Little girls with makeup always attracted Eric, though
    normally he wasn’t all that attracted to preteen girls.
    Geez, gorgeous, he thought.

    The youngest one, Summer, just had a white T shirt on
    only, as far as he could tell. It just barely covered
    her butt. She had her mom’s coloring, auburn red hair,
    and brown eyes. She was very attractive too, like her
    sisters, and their mom. Summer was around four two and
    55 pounds.

    “Let’s go in and I’ll show you around.” Joel said.

    “Want something to drink?”

    “Ah…Ice tea. It’s getting a little hot. I quit
    drinking a few years ago. It was getting to me.”

    Daisy laughed. “I don’t drink either, and I talked Joel
    into it too. Ice tea it is.” She said as he walked ahead
    of Eric, Joel and the girls to go in the kitchen and fix
    the ice tea.

    “I built the house myself, with Daisy’s help, of course,
    and some friends too for critical times when I couldn’t
    do it alone.” Joel said. “You can see it’s a dome house,
    a geodesic dome house. That’s a house built from struts
    which follow geodesic lines and form an open framework
    of triangles and polygons. What that means is that the
    house has no internal support, the support is all on the
    outside. Gives you a lot more space inside, and you use
    far less material. Good for the environment. See, I
    followed the contour of the land too, the hillside,
    mountainside. Looks like it belongs here with all the
    natural wood, doesn’t it?”

    It sure does, Joel. It’s beautiful! You did a great

    “Thanks! I’ve built others too, on spec, and made some
    good money.”

    “Ah, you’re in the real estate business?”

    “A little of this, a little of that, always a way to
    make a buck if you’re paying attention.”

    “Yeah, you never had trouble doing that, Joel.”

    Joel showed him around inside. The first floor was
    essentially one very large room with some low room
    dividers split into a dining area, a large kitchen and
    pantry, a living room, an enclosed bedroom and separate
    bathroom, and a study with the family room in the
    center. The ceiling was open to the dome top where there
    were several large skylights that flooded the house with
    light, making it all very open.

    Along three of the sides were open loft bedrooms, one
    large master bedroom, including a spacious master bath
    room, and two smaller bedrooms. Narrow gangplank style
    stairs led to the loft bedrooms.

    “Go on up girls. I’m going to show Eric our family bed.”
    Joel said as he led Eric to the stairs to the master
    loft bedroom in the geodesic dome house.

    The three girls scampered up the stairs laughing and
    giggling and plopped themselves down on the bed. When
    Eric first saw the bed he found it hard to believe. It
    must be at least fifteen feet across, or more, twice the
    size, or more, of a king size bed, all made up nicely
    with sheets and a spread, sheets, and blankets that were
    big enough for it plus lots of pillows.

    The loft was large with lots of room for a couple of
    large dressers, a couple of chairs, and a couple of make
    up tables, and a small couch. There was a spacious
    master bathroom off to one side. All three girls lay on
    the bed smiling up at Eric.

    “Want to join us?” Spring asked mischievously when Eric
    finished climbing up and stood beside the bed.

    “Thanks, but…ah…”

    “That’s our family bed.” Eric said. “I made that too,
    and Daisy all the linen, comforters too, all in super
    large style. Like I told you, we believe in the family
    bed. It’s nineteen feet across and seven feet long.
    Sleeps six adults easily, and more if there are young
    ones like the little girls. Actually Daisy was raised
    that way and wanted it for us, for our kids.”

    “Yeah…I see…” Eric said hesitantly. He was beginning
    to get the picture. “You all sleep together.”

    “Yep, right from the beginning. We view sex as giving
    and receiving pleasure. Any of the family can have sex
    of any kind with any other member or members of the
    family, provided all agree. Daisy was pleasured by her
    dad and mom from the earliest age, and her brothers and
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    AIDS. Girls don’t have to be teenagers to enjoy sex.
    They enjoy it as preteens, don’t you girls?”

    “We love it daddy!” The three girls almost cried in

    God! Eric thought, that is so erotic! My, My, My!

    “Like I told you, you’re free to join us anytime while
    you’re here. The girls know how to pleasure you, and
    love and adore being pleasured themselves, including
    Daisy, of course, my darling, sexy wife. Around here
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    all I have to do is ask. I’ll have three volunteers all
    the time. Same if I want to masturbate them, or lick
    them. They love it, and sex too. Spring and Flower love
    to fuck. Right girls?”

    “Sure do, daddy!” They cried in return.

    “Now, Eric. This…doesn’t bother you does it. You’re
    still a hippy at heart. Right?” Joel asked.

    Eric tried to think quickly how to answer, and asked
    himself if he was going to accept this invitation. The
    little girls were so sexy, and Daisy too. He paused.

    Daisy continued, “We did it very gradually. Lots of oral
    to begin with, like my mom and dad did with me, then
    slowly more, including small dildos, partial
    penetration. It was a big celebration when daddy was
    able to have full intercourse with one of the girls.”

    Now Joel, “Is this OK. Not too much for you, Eric? You
    know, the old days. We had some wild times all right.
    You were really open then, about sex, about everything.
    I was sure you’d be OK with this. The girls know never
    to talk about it. You have nothing to worry about.
    Remember Sam, Jack? They visited us separately, one last
    summer, and one early spring this year.

    “The girls and Daisy had a great time with them. I’m
    sure you will too. The girls will be so disappointed if
    you don’t want to play with them, have sex with them.
    You know you’re about my age now, 55. There’s nothing
    like a sweet preteen girl to get your juices flowing
    again, man. Believe me. What do you say?”

    Eric was shocked, though he shouldn’t have been. The
    little girls were sure sexy, and so was Daisy. Jeez! He
    thought, four sweet young cunts to play with for the
    four days he planned to spend with them. Jail bait, of
    course with the little girls.

    “You want me to play with you? You want to play with me,
    an old man?” Eric asked the girls, glancing down at his
    six foot frame and nearly 190 pounds of softening flesh.

    “Of course!” Spring answered as she lifted one leg and
    placed her foot on the bed so her little skirt fell down
    and exposed her hairless preteen cunt. “Daddy gets tired
    sometimes. He’s old too. Not too old, of course, just
    the right age. It’d be fun to play with you, and you
    with us, lick us, and everything. We play with each
    other too, and with mom, of course.”

    Spring liked how Eric looked. He was bigger than her
    dad, and didn’t have as much hair, but he had soft brown
    eyes, loving eyes, and he looked at her with want in his
    eyes, strong want, with lust. She knew that look. It
    always excited her. She loved to feel excited, to be
    wanted, her sex wanted.

    “Me too!” Both of the other girls said.

    Eric felt himself get excited as he looked at Spring’s
    delicious preteen cunt, so smooth and hairless, then
    into her warm inviting eyes. He kept looking into her
    eyes and getting more and more aroused. Eric knew he
    shouldn’t, but sex had been pretty much non-existent in
    his marriage for some time, and not much fun when he did
    have sex with his wife. This sure would be an adventure.

    “OK, Joel, OK girls. Ah… what now?”

    Juel answered, “Daisy is fixing the ice tea for you.
    Let’s go down in the living room and visit. Just look at
    sex with any of the girls as natural. If you feel like
    it, do it, whenever you want, if not, don’t. No rules at
    all, except the girls and Daisy have to be willing.
    Believe me, that won’t be a problem. And you too have to
    be willing. OK?” Joel chuckled. A man offered cute, more
    than willing, preteen snatch, and not willing, he
    thought. Not likely.


    They all went back downstairs, and Eric sat on one side
    of the large soft leather L shaped couch in the central
    family room, while Joel sat in his favorite overstuffed
    easy chair, kitty corner opposite him. Spring, the nine
    year old in the short black skirt sat on one side of
    Eric, and Flower the ten year old in the short
    translucent summer dress on the other side. Summer, the
    red headed eight year old went over to her dad and
    climbed into his lap, leaning her back against her dad’s
    chest, facing towards Eric.

    “Daddy, will you rub me?” Summer asked.

    “Sure, Honey” Joel replied easily as Summer pulled the T
    shirt up and spread her legs.

    He rested both hands on her thighs, one hand near her
    little preteen cunt. The little girl spread her legs
    wide, giving Eric a great view of her hairless preteen
    spread pussy. Lick, lick, lick! He thought. Joel, with
    his middle finger started stroking her small slit up and
    down, up and down, with a comfort and ease based on long
    experience with her, pausing every now and then to rub
    the button of her little clit. Summer looked at Eric, in
    his eyes.

    “That feels nice, daddy.”

    “I know, Sweetheart, I know.” Joel said softly.

    “So, Eric, still with ma bell, ATT?”

    “Yeah. Got too much invested to quit now. Maybe I’ll
    retire in a couple of years and come up here. It’s God’s
    country here. Clean air, wilderness, mountains.”

    “It’s great all right. Great place to raise kids too.”

    Spring suddenly lay down in Eric’s lap, her head on his
    thighs, and her legs stretched out to his side, spread

    “Will you rub me, Eric? It’s sexy watching dad rub

    Oh, Jeez! Here we go. A preteen. This is so illegal, so
    illegal. Eric thought as he rested his hand on Spring’s
    bare stomach. He looked into her beautiful deep blue
    eyes, as she looked steadily into his, and at her soft
    lips, then her little soft nipples, and long shapely
    legs. She was so sexy!

    “If you want.” He said quietly still looking in her

    “I want, yes, I want.” Spring softly replied.

    With one hand Eric caressed Spring’s bare stomach, her
    pink little exposed nipples, her thighs, and legs, and
    raised her little skirt a bit to get to her cunt. Spring
    held it up so he could easily touch her. He followed
    Joel’s moves, tracing her little slit up and down, up
    and down. Spring had just a little of her inner pussy
    lips protruding from her cunt, and her small clit hood
    also barely protruded too. He caressed it too, her clit,
    then with the fingers of one hand spread her pussy lips
    wide and gradually worked his middle finger in her just
    a little. She wasn’t too moist yet.

    Eric guessed she’d get wet, but he didn’t really know.
    He went back to rubbing her clit in little circles,
    gently, softly. She was so soft and smooth, and her slit
    and cunt so small, just a little girl, but it was so
    exciting to be touching her sexually and having her
    sexually respond to him. He was more than beginning to
    see the sexual attraction of little girls.

    “Umm…oh… that feels so good, so good.” Spring

    Her older sister, ten year old Flower, leaned over and
    kissed Spring on the lips, licking her lips, then more
    passionately, with her tongue in her mouth. Spring
    returned the kiss passionately.

    “She loves to kiss, Eric, Spring loves to kiss.” Flower

    This had to be one of the most erotic moments of his
    life, masturbating the little nine year old girl, the
    sexy nine year old girl, while her ten year old sister
    french kissed her.

    Just then Daisy came out with a pitcher of iced tea, and
    one of lemonade.

    “Eric, I’m so glad you’re enjoying Spring. She’s such a
    sexy little girl, as all our girls are, right, Honey?”

    “They get it from you, Daisy, from you.” Joel laughed.

    Daisy served the adults iced tea and the kids a glass of
    lemonade, then sat in another easy chair facing
    everyone. She started rubbing herself on the top of her
    cunt through her tight short shorts.

    “Umm…it’s so sexy watching you men pleasure the little
    girls.” Daisy murmured.

    “You like to kiss, Eric?” Flower asked.

    “Love to!”

    Flower got up from her sitting position and knelt next
    to Eric, facing his side. Eric leaned his head back and
    turned it towards Flower. He loved the translucent dress
    she wore, and seeing her nude body through the dress. It
    was like discovering just how erotic, sexy prepubescent
    girls were.

    She began kissing Eric with soft little kisses all over
    his mouth and face. They were like soft flower petals
    dropping on his face and mouth to Eric. She sure was
    named right, he thought. She was a flower. Then she
    licked his lips with her small tongue and tentatively
    put it into his mouth, touching Eric’s tongue. Eric
    kissed her in return, licking the ten year old’s lips,
    touching her tongue with his, then exploring her small
    mouth with his tongue. Soon they were french kissing

    “Umm…ahhh…umm…so nice. Touch me too.” Flower

    Eric loved her short almost see through light blue
    dress. Her legs were so pretty and tanned, long smooth,
    shapely. Even kneeling he saw most of her bare thighs.
    With his free hand he stroked the back of her legs, and
    on up to her small tight butt. She wasn’t wearing
    panties. He rubbed her butt over and over, feeling each
    butt cheek was but a handful for him. He felt and sensed
    how small and light she was, a child, but a very erotic
    child, wanting sex from him.

    Eric felt between her legs high up on her inner thighs
    and caressed the super smooth skin of her preteen youth.
    It was so luscious! From behind, he curled his middle
    finger up and gradually worked it partially in her
    little girl cleft feeling its wetness which gave him a
    thrill. The little girl was hot for him, for him! Flower
    took Eric’s finger and worked it deeply in her then
    crunched down on it finger fucking herself.

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  4. Sugbo.ph just allowed this fake news to reach the platform? Really!
    The news writer should better do fact-checking.


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