Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year is ‘Rizz’

“He’s got a certain rizz to him!”

On December 4, the Oxford University Press revealed that ‘Rizz’ is Oxford’s Word of the Year in 2023.

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Rizz is slang for charm or being attractive. Moreover, out of 8 nominated words for Word of the Year (WOTY), Rizz came out on top. The words that didn’t make it to the cut were “Swiftie, Beige flag, and situationship. 

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The words are chosen by the public and are narrowed down to four. The WOTY is then decided by language experts at the Oxford University Press. 

“During a year, societal changes can often affect our language: both the words themselves, but also the way in which we use certain words. Sometimes these changes are ephemeral, meaning that although the word is used now, it may not be used (or used in the same way) in the future,” the Oxford University Press wrote.


According to Later’s social media glossary, the term was first used by a video creator, Kai Cenat. He used the word as a joke with his friends.

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