Newtown School of Excellence: Providing Cebuano Kids Holistic, Quality Education

For five years now, Mommy Cherryliz Oyao has been entrusting the Newtown School of Excellence, Inc. (NSEI) to handle her unico hijo’s education out of all the schools in Lapu-Lapu City.

Oyao’s son is actually among the very first batch of students welcomed by NSEI when the school first opened in 2018. When the new school year starts this August, Oyao’s son will be a Grade 4 student.

Cherryliz Oyao and her son actively participate in NSEI’s extracurricular activities

“As a parent, I always want the best education for my kid. What I love the most about NSEI is the quality of education that the school offers. I am satisfied with the curriculum because it’s comparable to what other top-tier schools in the country offer, and I am glad with how the teachers and the administration team are running the school,” SAID OYAO, WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF NSEI’S PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION.

A well-rounded learning institution

Located inside the 30-hectare The Mactan Newtown, a live-work-play-learn township by property giant Megaworld that also has its own beach, NSEI offers programs from Nursery up to Grade 9 levels and boasts facilities that complement children’s academic and extracurricular pursuits. 

The school features two buildings with a total of 16 classrooms that can accommodate up to 35 students each; a modern library, school clinic, General Science laboratory, computer laboratory, TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) classroom, playground, and a multipurpose gymnasium.

“As a private educational institution in Lapu-Lapu City, NSEI reciprocates the worth of education that parents spend for their children. Most parents look for quality and holistic education, advanced facilities, safety and security, and competent teaching and school administration personnel when they enroll their kids. NSEI will provide these,”


This is something that is clearly evident to Oyao, too.

NSEI lets its students play while learning for a more holistic experience

“For me, compared to other schools here in Lapu-Lapu City, NSEI has the best facilities the kids could ever have by far. The school makes sure to provide the kids with different avenues where they can enhance their skills not only academically but also, for example, when it comes to sports,” OYAO SAID.

Oyao’s decision to send her son to NSEI proves to be a great one, as her child has grown to love the school just as much as she does.

“He always tells me that he has fun in school and he learns a lot. ‘I love the school because it’s big and nice,’ he once told me. I am also sure that he has already grown attached to his classmates because he has been there since he was in Nursery,” OYAO SAID.

The Newtown School of Excellence is currently accepting enrollees for the school year 2023-2024, which begins in August. This will mark a return to full face-to-face learning set-up after three years of online and hybrid classes due to the pandemic.

Big dreams for NSEI

Sarza, who brings with him decades of teaching experience to NSEI, hopes for the educational institution to soon offer the senior high school program so it becomes a truly K to 12 school.

“NSEI is a relatively new private basic educational institution in the area. Despite this, NSEI has already permeated among its learners the values of excellence, hard work, integrity, and social responsibility. NSEI is values-driven, and adaptable to the current trend of teaching modalities,” HE ADDED.

He also expressed his wish for the students to not just excel in school, but be great contributors to society when they grow up.

“I would like to motivate our learners to be at their best not only academically but also as contributors to society in their own unique ways. I want these kids to learn, and to make these learnings of good use individually and societally,”

Cherryliz’s son has been a student of NSEI for five years now

Accessibility is everything

NSEI is just one of the many components inside The Mactan Newtown, which also hosts residential condominiums, retail stores, restaurants and other dining outlets, offices, and hotels, with even more establishments such as a mall, museum, and soon an iconic expo center by the beach rising in the next few years.

Oyao, who lives just a couple of minutes away from NSEI, is among the thousands of employees working in The Mactan Newtown. She works at one of the business process outsourcing (BPO) companies based in the township, and thus enjoys a very unique privilege as an NSEI parent. 

Working for a company based in the township, she gets to enjoy a 50% subsidy on tuition fees—as do employees of NSEI, unit owners of residential condominium developments within The Mactan Newtown, and other office tenants.

“The Mactan Newtown is a great location for NSEI because there are already residential condominiums and a lot of other establishments nearby. You even have a supermarket nearby. It’s an advantage for parents and employees, especially since they can avail of discounts for those who are living or employed inside the township,”

For more inquiries about the Newtown School of Excellence this coming school year, you may visit You may also call 0919-606-1377 / (032) 238-0039 / (032) 344-1670, or email nsei.enrollment@gmail or [email protected]. You may also visit the school office located along Newtown Boulevard, The Mactan Newtown, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

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