MyJeep: A website with over 8k Users helps Cebuanos with their Daily Commute

Can’t seem to get around commuting in Cebu and riding the jeepneys? Don’t worry, this website has your back!

Let’s be honest, some locals and tourists kind of have a hard time knowing what jeepney they should ride in Cebu and where to ride them. But because of the amazing initiative of two young entrepreneurs, jeepney rides in Cebu have now become easier.

Get to Know MyJeep

Heads up, commuters! MyJeep is here to save the day.

MyJeep is a brand and a website that helps commuters know what jeepneys to ride going to their desired location and where to ride them. The owners officially launched the website in 2023.

Users can open the website on their mobile phones for them to use MyJeep even while they are commuting. The website’s interface is similar to other transportation services where you can input where you are currently and where you want to go.

For now, MyJeep only caters to Cebuano users as they navigate through Cebu. MyJeep’s official app will also be launched soon. They are also working on an option for users to know how much the jeepney fare costs.

Navigating MyJeep

To use MyJeep, head over to You will be greeted with instructions on how to use the Web App. You can input your current exact location and your destination. The website can also automatically detect where you are.

The web app also has an option for users to see traffic updates. When you check the routes, you will be given different jeepney options, click the ones that you will be riding. Once you click the jeepney icon, you will be given specific instructions on where you can ride the jeepney.

MyJeep also shows you how many steps or kilometers you should walk to get to the location where you can ride your jeepney.

The Brains Behind MyJeep

Who would have thought that a partner’s genuine gesture of care to his girlfriend would become something that helps other people in such a huge way?

The brains behind MyJeep are two young entrepreneurs. Meet Lexus Miñoza, a 3rd-year MedTech student, and her partner, Kian Alesna Villeno, a Web developer based in Australia.

According to Lexus Miñoza’s exclusive interview with Sugboph, her partner, Kian had always been the person she depended on when commuting around Cebu. Now that Kian is in Australia, she’s had a hard time getting around the city. This was when Kian decided to make a website app that can help Lexus know which jeepneys to ride.

Lexus and Kian also want to organize transportation services in Cebu.

“We want to be able to make an app that will be comparable to first-world countries in terms of transportation” Lexus expressed.

The young entrepreneur said that they were also inspired by how Australia’s bus schedules are very well-organized. Because of this, they want to develop MyJeep further to be able to cover Cebu Bus schedules as well.

Fear No Hardship

Lexus and Kian are both proud Bosconians. They both graduated from Don Bosco, however, they still bring the sense of innovation and creativity that their Alma Mater taught them. The young entrepreneurs expressed how they were taught and encouraged to be wise and “madiskarte”. “Ardua Non Timeo” or Fear No Hardship, this is the motto that both Lexus and Kian carry on until this day.

During their time as students at Don Bosco, they were also taught engineering subjects as early as Junior High to which helped boost Kian’s self-taught skills. 

“Being a Bosconian also opens your eyes and calls on you to help your fellow people, thus our idea of a social venture that would solve a very simple problem”.

With this learning in mind and because they are commuters themselves, Lexus and Kian want to help Cebuanos have an easier time in commuting. And now, with over eight thousand users, MyJeep has become a handy online guide for commuters.

Saint John Bosco once said, “Do good while you still have time”. And thus, with the time that they have, the young entrepreneurs started MyJeep, a website that greatly helps Cebuano commuters. 

With great ideas, hard work, determination, and the willingness to help, these two young entrepreneurs are elevating Cebu’s transportation services one jeepney at a time.

If you want to know more information about MyJeep, you may visit their official Facebook page.

Having trouble with riding jeepneys? Head over to today

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