Mom in Cebu Captures the Hearts of Citizens as She Takes Care of Her Child While Making Ends Meet

A mother’s love is the epitome of unconditional.

A mother from Cebu City is earning praise and gratitude from online citizens after a video of her went viral. In a TikTok video by uploader Lyn Baclayon, she shares footage of a mother fanning her child sleeping in a compartment of her food cart while making ends meet. 

Photo from Lyn Baclayon on TikTok

“My heart melts (emoji) MAMAS LOVE will always the best (heart emoji) Godbless you ate!!”

Lyn Baclayon said in her caption.

The mother was captured on video during Barangay Tisa’s Siomai Festival last Sunday, September 24, 2023. As of writing, the video has over 10.6 million views, 1.2 Million likes, 2769 comments, and 55.6k reads. 

You can watch the video here:


My heart melts🥹 MAMAS LOVE will always the best❤️ Godbless you ate!! #fyp

♬ original sound – faith. – faith.

Mothers show their love in the smallest gestures possible. However, their acts create a significant impact. Kudos to all mothers who show undying love for their children and family. And kudos to the mother on the viral video; you are indeed a supermom!

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