Moira Still Dominates Spotify as the only Filipina Artist to Exceed 1B Streams

Moira’s songs definitely rip our hearts out, but with her recent achievement, we can say it’s worth it.

Photo from LJay

Moira Dela Torre dominates Spotify as she surpasses 1 billion streams, making her the first solo Filipina artist to be part of the “1B Spotify streams club”. The artist was also dubbed Spotify’s “Most Streamed Filipina Artist” and “Most Followed Filipino Artist” of 2023. 

Other artists who are part of the “1B Spotify streams club” are December Avenue and Ben&Ben.

Photo from Moira Dela Torre  Facebook Page

And again, Moira dropped two smashing hits this year, such as Ikaw at “Sila” and “EME.” At the moment, Moira Dela Torre is on the road for her world tour, and most of her shows are sold out. Moira will be performing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this July 2. Moreover, she will also have a concert in Davao on August 26. 

Moira Dela Torree continues to tell a story through her songs, which is why she deserves the 1 Billion Streams. Those streams represent how much people can relate to her music. 

Photo from Moira Dela Torre  Facebook Page

Congratulations, Moira Dela Torre!

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