Mandaue EATscapade: 6 Best Spots to Eat in Mandaue City

It’s time to get lost and have fun in Mandaue City, and we have just the places for you!

Aside from the people and the city itself, Mandaue can absolutely boast about its diverse food spots that offer not just good food to eat but everlasting memories. We compiled the top places to eat in Mandaue. 

Are you ready for the EATscapade of a lifetime? 

1. JJ’s Marketplace

JJ’s Marketplace is your one-stop destination for shopping, eating, and bonding with family and friends. It is the biggest food park in Cebu, with 70 stalls and more than a dozen food choices. 

JJ’s Marketplace has different food stalls, from unlimited tuslob buwa to all kinds of barbecued dishes. Not only that, but the marketplace also offers a singing room for people who love karaoke. Kids can also have fun splashing around the swimming pool. 

Food is not the only thing you can find at JJ’s Marketplace because they have different non-food shops that sell other toys, goodies, and collectibles. And to top it all off, a live band plays every weekend from Saturday to Sunday.

Exact location: M.L. Quezon Ave. 6014 Mandaue City, Philippines.

2. Anak Ekits Pocherohan sa Barangay Maguikay

You can never go wrong with Pochero on a rainy day, and luckily for us, Anak Ekits Pocherohan serves one of the best pocheros in Cebu. For 150, you can indulge yourself in a flavorful bowl of pochero. 

Moreover, the eatery is known for its Dr. Humba, Bam-i, Lechon Kawali, and Chicken Inasal. And guess what? They even offer seafood overload, such as sweet chili shrimp and sweet chili crabs. 


Exact location: V. Albano, Maguikay 6014 Mandaue City, Philippines

3. Casili Stomping Ground

Now, here’s a place perfect for cyclists, families, and those who do zumba. 

Casili Stomping Ground is another must-visit place in Mandaue. The place offers a faultless view of Mandaue City and is surrounded by nature. The fresh and cold breeze relaxes visitors all the time. Families can go biking together, and even ladies do Zumba every afternoon.

Of course, the experience will only be complete once you taste the special ngohiong at Casili Stomping Ground’s Stomping 428. The ngohiong is best paired with their pork sisig. Moreover, other must-try foods are barbecue, calamares, and pancit. 

There’s also a live band that plays your favorite tunes every Friday and Saturday night.

Exact location: Casili Stomping Ground 6014 Mandaue City, Philippines.

4. Black Smokehaus, Brgy. Alang-alang

Barbecue is excellent overall, but Texas-style smoke barbecue is on a whole new level; there’s only one place in Mandaue where you can get the ultimate Texas barbecue experience— Black Smokehaus. 

Black Smokehaus specializes in slow and low-cooked meats. Briskets, ribs, and more are smoked to the perfect tenderness and cooked all the way through using the wood of a Santol and Mahogany tree for 17-20 hours. 

Moreover, Black Smokehaus is known for its smoked brisket, smoked pork ribs, and smoked pulled pork. In addition, there are different sauces to pair with the meat. 

They also offer platters for different numbers of groups. 

Another must-try is the smoked Angus cheeseburger with double patty and double cheese.

Exact location: P418-A P. Burgos Street. Barangay Alang-Alang, Mandaue City, Philippines.

5. 7211 Food & Drinks

“Pagkaon nga Binisaya” is the ultimate soul and comfort food for us, Cebuanos, and 7211 Food & Drinks offers an array of Binisaya food choices. 

You have to try their Tuna panga, specially brined in local herbs that the owners grow in their garden. The panga is marinated for 24 hours before grilling, which gives it a deep flavor of herbs and spices. Moreover, they also have BBQ chicken breast, pochero, and the original Balbacua Binisaya.

The orders also come with side dishes such as scallops, shrimp, vegetable ngohiong, chicken wings, and unli rice. Fruit shakes are available as well. 

Do you want to chill with your family and friends? 7211 Food & Drinks also has a videoke bar with no entrance fee as long as you buy their drinks.

  • Opening hours:
    • 7211 Food And Drinks 4pm-11pm
    • 7211 Resto Bar 5pm-1am
  • Contact number: N/A
  • Email address: N/A
  • Facebook Page: N/A

Exact location: Cabancalan, Mandaue City. Near Barangay Hall

6. J and M Fresh Fruit

Biting into a juicy and fresh fruit is top-tier satisfaction. J&M Fresh Fruit store is perfect for fruit lovers. 

They have tons of online buyers who cannot get enough of their crunchy and juicy fruits, such as mango, papaya, Singkamas, pomelo, and more. You can choose from their fruit platter (P680) or fruit cup (P88). 

Exact location: Brgy. Tabok, Mandaue City.

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