Cebu Represent: Lukresia Dominates Paris Fashion Week

Strutting down with grace, sophistication, and power- Lukresia definitely dominated the catwalk

Photo from thirdworldbb on Instagram

Lukresia or known online as thirdworldbb, raises the bar as she walked for Mugler at the famous and most anticipated Paris Fashion Week. The Queer model became a hot topic, literally and figuratively, after she was seen walking the runway wearing a tasseled top and leather pants with zipped cutouts.

With her hair sleeked back into a ponytail, Lukresia was ready to take on the catwalk and set it a blaze. Fueled with professionalism and passion, people cannot get enough of Lukresia’s powerful vibe as she raises the LGBTQ Flag on international runways.

Who is thirdworldbb or Lukresia?

Lukresia or thridworldbb is a Cebu-based model and designer. She previously worked with Mugler before walking for the same brand during Paris Fashion Week. In one of her Instagram photos, Lukresia sports a black Mugler bodysuit.

Photo from thirdworldbb on Instagram
Photo from thirdworldbb on Instagram

The model is also famous for reclaiming the word “Bayot” and turning it positive again. In the Visayas, the word “bayot” which means gay, has been used as a negative term pertaining to people part of the LGBTQ Community.

Lukresia openly embraced the word and made it her own, showcasing that she is a proud member of the LGBTQ Community and that being “bayot” is far from negative. .

Gaining fans and supporters on both the local and international scene, Lukresia is definitely not done with her runway domination and we are absolutely here for it. Walking and slaying one runway at a time- Lukresia truly raises both Cebuano and Filipino Pride.

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