Make your hike a quest with the new LOTR-inspired walking app

Lord Of The Rings has made such an impact on viewers to the point that anything similar to references regarding the show, is both encouraged and enjoyed. Die hard fans of the TV program everywhere dream about rewatching the whole series again for the very first time. Sad to say, what we can only indulge in anything near to that experience is to complete reruns, form theories, purchase merch, and many more. But would a LOTR-influenced walking app suffice?

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This app, currently taking over LOTR TikTok overnight, is called “Fantasy Hike”. Fantasy Hike reimagines the pilgrimage of the fellowship, in accordance to their travels all across the Shire up until Mount Doom, and counts each and every step of the way. Comparing it to the actual (albeit purely fictional) distance of the books and movies. In retrospect, it is now possible (to attempt) to walk to Mordor, using Fantasy Hike.

Photo from App Store
Photo from App Store

You can use the app in whatever way you could possibly imagine, as long as you’re getting that cardio and moving as much as possible. All these will be added up and shown as your progress towards Mordor through these steps you’ve taken. Making you realize the extent of how much our poor friends Frodo and Sam had to travel to just get rid of that cursed ring. Praise be to these hobbits!

How it actually works is that it lets you accept quests, such as walking with a companion (other users), and will tally up every step you’ve taken on this fictional world, showing you just how gut-wrenching the journey to Mount Doom is. It even goes as far as estimating your time of arrival based on statistics and pacing of your movement.

With how far it actually is in the books, expect it to be grueling, and most especially time-consuming. It may take weeks, months, might be even years to reach the final stop.

Fantasy Hike’s goal is to make you get up and get fit, while making it fun and interesting. So get your lazy self out of your bed and download Fantasy Hike from the Appstore right now!

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