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As a lot of you may already know, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, fondly known as KathNiel, announced their heartbreaking decision to part ways on November 30. The Filipino entertainment industry along with their fans mourns the departure of this iconic celebrity couple who was integral in prime time television. Despite the breakup and the rumors circulating around the internet regarding the reasons why, a lot still hold their tandem close to their hearts, either because they truly adore the former couple, or are just nostalgic as both of them were a big part of a generation growing up. 

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This is the history of projects they have worked on together, as well as their personal endeavors as individuals cementing their careers.

2011-2012: ‘Growing Up’ and ‘Princess and I’

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KathNiel’s on-screen journey commenced with the afternoon series “Growing Up” in 2011, where Kathryn portrayed volleyball player Elle, and Daniel played her teammate Patrick. This laid the foundation for a partnership that would blossom into something beyond the screens. They already had individual projects prior to the love team being spearheaded, and even during the early stages – with Kathryn in “Goin’ Bulilit” and “Mara Clara,” and Daniel in “Gimik: The Series.”

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The chemistry resonated, leading to their first primetime TV series, “Princess and I,” in April 2012. The show became a hit, captivating audiences over its success. This was followed by their first movie collaboration, “24/7 in Love,” where Daniel played the role of celebrity Billy, and Kathryn played the character Jane.

2013-2015: ‘Must Be… Love’ and ‘She’s Dating the Gangster’

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In 2013, “Must Be… Love” was released wherein the love team portrayed best friends Patchot and Ivan who discover deeper feelings for each other. The same year, their MMFF debut in “Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay” showcased their versatility in the horror genre.

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The turning point came in 2014 with “She’s Dating the Gangster.” Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, this rom-com, adapted from a Wattpad book, not only grossed P296 million but also solidified KathNiel as a powerhouse couple, with fans speculating about their real-life romance.

Photo from Amazon.com
Photo from Amazon.com

Dramatic roles followed in 2015 with “Crazy Beautiful You” and the teleserye remake of “Pangako Sa ‘Yo,” where they took on roles displaying emotional depth and intensity.

2016-2018: ‘Barcelona: A Love Untold’ and ‘The Hows of Us’

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As eagle-eyed fans noticed the pet name “Bal” on Kathryn’s 20th birthday in 2016, the couple confirmed they were exclusively dating. The years that followed saw the release of “Barcelona: A Love Untold” in 2016, featuring their much-anticipated first onscreen kiss. 

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In 2018, during the press conference for “The Hows of Us,” they confirmed their more than five-year relationship. The film itself made history, becoming the first Filipino film to gross over P600 million.

2019-2020: ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ and #WeBlockAsOne Movement

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In 2019, KathNiel decided to take a hiatus from joint projects to focus on individual growth. This didn’t deter their loyal fanbase. Kathryn’s collaboration with Alden Richards in “Hello, Love, Goodbye” in 2019 became the highest-grossing Filipino film, showcasing her versatility and ability to succeed outside the KathNiel tandem.

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Amidst the ABS-CBN shutdown in May 2020, the couple faced challenges as fans launched the #WeBlockAsOne movement.

2020-2023: Reunion, Vlogs, and Individual Ventures – ‘The House Arrest of Us,’ Joint Vlog, and Solo Projects

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The promise of a reunion in February 2020 materialized with “The House Arrest of Us,” a mini-series running from October 2020 to February 2021. Their chemistry also continued to shine in Ben&Ben’s music video “Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay” in December 2020.

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KathNiel’s first joint vlog in February 2021, “Questions I’ve Never Asked My Boyfriend,” provided insights into their relationship dynamics, accumulating over 9 million views, to the joy of their millions of supporters across the country. It was much appreciated by the fandom to be able to take a peek into their romantic relationship in detail.

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In May 2022, KathNiel celebrated their 10-year anniversary with the TV series “2 Good 2 Be True,” highlighting their enduring on-screen romance. However, this joyous occasion also hinted at challenges ahead.

2023: Celebrations, Travel, and Heartbreak – Kathryn’s Birthday, Switzerland Trip, and the Breakup

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March 2023 marked Kathryn’s 27th birthday, celebrated intimately with family and Daniel. The couple embarked on a trip to Switzerland, combining travel with the viewing of the Omega European Masters golf tournament.

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However, the euphoria was short-lived as November 2023 brought the announcement of their breakup. Despite the pain of loss, KathNiel encouraged their fans to preserve the precious memories and join 

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