Here’s a List of Documents You Should Bring to Pass Through the Immigration

Have you heard of the news about a traveler who missed her flight because of a “lengthy” immigration interview? That’s something no one should ever go through.

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Just this month, a video of a girl who missed her flight because of Immigration went viral. Cham Tanteras shared her ridiculous experience with Immigration. According to her, the immigration officer even required her to present her yearbook and graduation photo. She had already missed her flight when she was finally allowed to travel.

Cham is one of many with a dreadful experience. Other Filipinos experienced the same thing. Yikes!

Many travelers have resorted to bringing diplomas and other documents to avoid going through what Tanteras did. So, what exactly should you bring to pass through Immigration? We have compiled a list of the different documents you must have.

Documents You Should Bring to Pass Through Immigration

Immigration officials require specific documents to ensure that travelers have the legal right to travel outside the country. See the list of essential documents you must prepare when leaving the Philippines.

1. Passport

When traveling abroad, a passport is a MUST. Your passport must be valid for six months from the date of departure. It must also have two blank pages for entry and exit stamps. Make sure your passport is not damaged or altered.

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2. Visa

Some countries require a visa. You have to make sure that you have a valid visa. The visa must also be appropriate for your intended travel purpose. You should also have a transit visa if you are connecting to a different country.

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3. Return Ticket

Yes, a return ticket is also an important document. Some airlines and countries will ask you to present proof of onward travel. Return tickets can be in the form of a flight, bus, train tickets, or reservation confirmation. The ticket must be valid and show the date before your stay in your country’s destination expires.

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4. Travel Itinerary

As much as possible, you should have a detailed travel itinerary that includes the following:

  • Flights
  • Accommodations
  • Activities during your trip

A detailed travel itinerary can help your destination country’s immigration officials to understand your visiting purpose and duration.

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5. Proof of Financial Capacity

You should prepare a proof of financial capacity from bank statements to other financial documents. There are immigration officers in some countries that may ask for proof that you can fund your travel expenses during your stay. The amount required will depend on your stay’s duration and the activities you plan to do.

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6. Health Certificate

Some countries may still require a health certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result. Be sure to check the latest travel and entry requirements before traveling.

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7. Company ID

Sometimes Immigration officers ask for a company ID if you have one. This is to prove that you won’t apply for any job opportunities in the country you will be visiting.

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8. Address and Contact Number Abroad

Address and contact number abroad are needed when filling out immigration forms.

Just in case, here are other documents you may bring:

  1. Hotel Reservation
  2. Invitation Letter
  3. Photocopy of Passport and Visa
  4. Address and contact number of the Philippine Embassy in Your Destination Country
  5. A Pen
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The abovementioned documents might seem like a lot and add weight, but it’s better to prepare. You know what they say, “Never go to war unprepared.”

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