Get that Picture Perfect Portrait at Cebu’s Newest Photo Studio, Laud Studios Co.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless.”


Photographs are memories frozen in time, and it’s nice to look back at something when we get older. Be it for a birthday or corporate shoot, or if you just want to feel yourself and shine your confidence, you can have your photos taken professionally. 

And speaking of getting your photos taken professionally, it’s great to book a studio for that. And guess what? We know just the place. 

Laud Studios is a new photo studio here in Cebu, and it is located in Lahug. It’s a small studio that houses a talented photographer and her team. 

Do you want to know more about Laud Studios? Then you better keep on reading.

Laud Studios is “Photos with a Heart”

Laud Studios offers clients with moments captured with sincerity and authenticity. They do studio and editorial photography. They also focus on food menu photography, corporate event shoots, birthdays, and more. 

When you enter the studio, you will be greeted by a comfy, homey vibe with a dash of luxury. There is a designated space where photos will be taken. 

Before Laud Studios, There Was a Dreamer

How exactly did this humble photography studio begin? 

Kristen Gozo, also called “Jy,” the owner, and photographer of Laud Studios, shared that before Laud Studios came to be, she was only a girl who dreamed of having her own studio. Five years ago, Miss Jy came to Cebu from Tacloban, Leyte. She explored different career paths before venturing into photography. 

Her sister and her brother-in-law established a business at a young age. According to her, they were her inspiration. Moreover, she also started her own business, a simple photo booth. She borrowed a camera from a friend to kickstart her business venture.

Unfortunately, her small business came to a halt when she had to move back to Tacloban, Leyte, because of the pandemic. After two years, she strived to go back to Cebu. And when she got back, her mom enrolled her in the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts, where she majored in fashion branding and merchandising. 

During her time as a student at FIDA, she was under Mr. Jon Unson, a known photographer in Cebu who specializes in Editorial Photography. 

Miss Jy expressed that it was a privilege to be mentored by Jon Unson. She graduated on October 2022, and by December 2023, she did soul-searching about what she would do next.

Her father wanted her to start a business and asked her what business it would be, and Miss Jy proudly responded that she wished to her photography studio. Thus, Laud Studio graced the world of Photography here in Cebu.

Laud: A Reminder of Her Faith

Why “Laud Studios”?

Miss Jy says Laud is a Latin word for praise and worship. She wanted to choose a name that reminds her of being a steward in sharing God’s given talents and opportunities. Because of her faith, Miss Jy could get to where she is today. 

Of course, Miss Jy also experienced challenges and fears upon opening her photography studio, but she shared something her brother-in-law told her that became her rock in times of uncertainty,

“Dream big enough; be clear with it, and be intentional with your dream.”

Miss Jy proves that if you want something, you will never stop until you achieve it. A girl who dreamed is now getting to live her dreams and is making it real, one click of a shutter at a time. 

Are you ready to capture memories and moments? Then head on over to Laud Studios. 



  • Brand Campaign
  • Corporate Portfolios
  • Corporate Photoshoot
  • Family Photoshoot
  • Product Photoshoot
  • Fashion & Lifestyle Photoshoot
  • Themed/Concept Photoshoot
  • Outdoor/Location Photoshoot
  • On-The-Day Shoot (Events)
  • Graduation Portraits
  • Birthday Photoshoot
  • Maternity Photoshoot

Other Information:


Exact location: LAUD Studios, 2F, Dolores Building, Nivel Hills, Cebu City, Cebu.

BY COMMUTE: It’s few minutes away from JY Square Mall in Brgy. Lahug. Hire a taxi/Grab ride and let the driver know you’re heading to Dolores Building. Or you can also ride a 04H jeepney and ask to be dropped off at Dolores Building.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Dolores Building” in Cebu. Parking space is available.

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