Let Your Celebration Spark ‘Kreativity’ with Kreative Korner

Planning for celebrations and important events is fun. However, there are instances when we will need a little bit of help. During big celebrations like corporate events, expertise is needed to ensure that everything will be seamless.

If you are planning an important event soon and are not quite sure what to do, this event-organizing company has your back. 

Kreative Korner: Unleashing Kreativity One Event at a Time

Kreative Korner is your new favorite event-organizing buddy. Customers are assured that their events will be well taken care of because the owners love organizing celebrations.

Moreover, KK specializes in celebrations and corporate events. They are devoted to providing expertise and resources to the abovementioned occasions. Kreative Korner is perfect for corporate installations and birthday celebrations. They even get an average pf 3 corporate clients, and 8 personal celebration clients every month.

“We strive to create immersive experiences that align with our clients’ branding, values, and business goals.”


Not only that but, they also offer new packages that are tailored-fit for your celebrations in mind. They have a Live Watercolor Package and Kreative Photography Package. 

A Passion Project Turned Business

Kreative Korner started out as a passion project which then turned into a business. Little did the owners know that they will become the experts that corporate and personal clients need to turn their event vision to a successful reality. 

Everyone at Kreative Korner is hands-on when it comes to making every moment special. There is a growing demand for professional even services, and Kreative Korner is here for that. 

Other Information:

  • Operating hours: 7AM to 9PM Daily
  • Contact number: 0915-724-1780
  • Email address: [email protected] 

Facebook Page:https://web.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100085902530963

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