Who is Krampus, Santa’s Not-So-Jolly counterpart

Kids on the nice list are definitely expecting someone jolly for Christmas. Those on the naughty list could expect a cole inside their Christmas stockings. However, for some cultures, there is something sinister waiting for those who have lost the Christmas spirit— Krampus.

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Krampus is Santa Claus’ shadow, his evil counterpart. And just like in the Christmas Horror Movie “Krampus,”  this not-so-merry creature does not visit to give but to take; it does not reward but punish. 

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According to Austria’s Alpine region folklore, Krampus is a half-man, half-goat who chases naughty children away. He either beats them up with sticks or even drags them to hell. There is even a day in Alpine Austria and some areas in Germany called “Krampusnacht,” which translates to “Krampus night.” It is a day when adults dress up as Krampus and scare children.

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There are even popular Christmas horror movies where Krampus is the antagonist, such as Michael Dougherty’s Krampus (2015) and A Christmas Horror Story (2015). 

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Real or not, Krampus is an effective way to scare naughty kids during Christmas. But rumor has it that he also takes adults. So, let this be a reminder to get on Santa’s nice list unless you want to get beaten by sticks or dragged to the deep, fiery pits. 

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