Kathryn Bernardo is finally on TikTok, joins the ‘Lato-lato’ craze

In a surprise turn of events, the talented actress Kathryn Bernardo has joined the ever-growing TikTok community. 

Photo from Kathryn Bernardo on TikTok

She wasted no time after joining the popular social media platform in exhibiting her playful and fashionable side by posting a humorous twist on the widespread ‘Lato-Lato’ craze.

‘Lato-lato,’ a toy made out of two plastic balls linked by a string and swung to hit each other.

She captioned the video,

“Lato-lato but make it fasyown. Hello, TikTok world!”

The internet exploded with reactions to Kathryn’s playful and stylish rendition of the ‘Lato-Lato’ trend, as expected. 


Lato-lato but make it fasyown. Hello, TikTok world! 👋🏻🤭 #kathvslatolato

♬ original sound – Kath Bernardo – Kath Bernardo

As of this writing, she has over 378,900 followers, and her video has about 2 million views and 306,900 likes.

Almost four years after the huge success of “Hello, Love, Goodbye,” Bernardo is expected to star in “A Very Good Girl” together with award-winning Filipina actress Dolly de Leon, as well as the historical picture “Elena 1944.”

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