Fact Check: Islander Philippines is not closing

The internet world in the Philippines went buzzing after news of an Islander Philippines factory closing down. People thought the brand itself would be closing. However, Islander Philippines shuts down the misconception. 

Photo from GMA Network

In an official statement, the nostalgic slippers brand confirmed that they will not be closing down and will continue to make top-quality slippers for everyone. The brand also expressed that the closure pertained to the factory store outlet, not Islander Philippines as a whole. 

Photo from Philippine Star

Back in the 90s and 2000s, people were completing their OOTDs with Islander slippers that sport thick soles and thick straps. The slippers were also very durable yet still comfortable to wear. 

Islander slippers are still available online on Shopee and Lazada. Moreover, they can also be bought in-store.

Photo from Islander on Shopee Philippines

With their timeless design, a pair of Islander slippers will never go out of style.

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