How to Obtain Your Digital TIN ID Online

The latest update from the Bureau of Internal Revenue is the Digital Tax Identification Number ID (TIN). The hassle that comes with going onsite to obtain one is no longer a necessity as we take a step forward to enhanced service delivery and innovation. Such an approach streamlines the application process, especially for new claimants, canceling the need to hire fixers.

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BIR Commissioner Romeo Lumagui stressed the significance of this alternative, mentioning how taxpayers now have more incentive to comply because of the removed necessity to endure long queues.

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For those who already have a tax identification number, you can now apply for your Digital TIN ID through the addition of the Bureau’s Online Registration and Update System (ORUS). Here is how the process goes:

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1. Users have to submit a Registration Update Sheet to the Revenue District Office via email. Your email address has to be updated as well. You may choose to do so through BIR’s eServices – Taxpayer Registration Related Application Portal.

2. After updating your email address, you can now make your ORUS account and register there. You will be thoroughly guided throughout the process as the site provides a list of the necessary requirements to be submitted. 

3. To ensure security, the digital transformation requires you to submit a clear photo for your Digital TIN ID. Note that uploading irrelevant photos as a joke can get you penalized.

4. Verification is made easy through this update. You can verify your Digital Tin ID by scanning the QR code with your own mobile phone. This last step gives you the security of your identification, immediately ensuring the legitimacy of your document.

Note that the Digital TIN ID is not just an online placeholder, as this is a legitimate document that can be accepted by government agencies, banks, and other institutions due to it being a valid government-issued identification. This is crucial in terms of our changing times, and the BIR’s willingness to adapt to it shows that importance exactly. This initiative gives users a more convenient and accessible way to get a hold of their TINs, making everything smoother, faster, and more reliable.

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