Heir to Hermes to Pass P632 Billion Fortune to Former Gardener

From gardener to billionaire? Now, that’s a dream everyone wants to live in. 

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However, for a 51-year-old Moroccan gardener, that dream is not too far-fetched. This is because the heir to Hermes, Nicolas Puech, intends to leave the gardener a part of his $11 billion fortune. At 80 years old, Nicolas holds the largest individual shares of Hermes. 

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According to reports, Puech instructed his lawyer to study his decision and the adoption process to make the Gardener a legal heir to Puech’s fortune. If the odds are in Puech’s favor, his gardener could inherit half of his wealth.

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However, Nicolas’ plan proved to be difficult because he signed a succession agreement with the Geneva-based Foundation Isocrate in 2011. The foundation supports NGOs that are related to journalism to fight disinformation. Moreover, it is said that the foundation is open to discussions.

What do you think of his decision?

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