Globe is Set to Launch Prepaid eSIMs in Q3 2023

Globe Telecom users will soon be able to switch from one device to another and still use one phone number. 

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Globe Telecom recently announced they would roll out their new and improved eSIMS in Q3 2023. Using eSIMs, users can create several profiles using different phone numbers on one device. Through this feature, users can switch lines easily, may it be for after-office hours, travel, and more.

Aside from that, users will also be able to switch from one device to another while using the same phone number.

eSIMs are also a nudge to Globe’s sustainability. With eSIMs, there will be minimal reliance on physical SIM cards.

Photo from Unsplash

According to Globe’s consumer mobile business head, Darius Delgado, the eSIMs will also help them operate at a much lower cost. eSIMs are fully do-it-yourself. 

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