UB Law graduate becomes first blind bar passer

Disability is there for only limbs and senses but not for the spirit.

Following his successful completion of the 2022 Bar Examination, Anthony Mark Dulawan Emocling of the University of Baguio Law School is the country’s first blind attorney. 

Photo from Anthony Mark Dulawan Emocling

The Supreme Court provided him with an encoder during the examinations in order to make things less difficult for him. He stated that it is crucial for him to always be ready to double the effort because there are not a lot of materials that are readily accessible to people that are visually-impaired. 

Karl Alangui, another law student at UB, claims that Emocling is a Baguio native and the son of a local taxi driver. He also earned a cum laude degree in political science at the university.

When asked what encouraged him to go after a career in law, Emocling recalls the time of the impeachment of former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada when, despite only recently being blind, he started listening to the radio.

Photo from Anthony Mark Dulawan Emocling

Despite all odds, of all the 3,992 people that passed the 2022 Bar, Emocling reportedly placed 1,407. The Baguio native believes that in order to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, you must have faith in your talents.

The mind is indeed the greatest asset that cannot be disabled and Emocling serves as proof. Congratulations Anthony Mark Emocling and to all 2023 bar passers!

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