Safety First: Here are Fire Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

March marked National Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines. However, now that it is April, Cebu has been plagued by multiple fire incidents. Recently, fires were reported at Sitio Tugas and Sitio Mangga in Mambaling, and other incidents were reported in Pit-os, Kasambagan, and Kinasang-an.

A lot of things can cause a fire. It starts small, and without action being taken, its size can grow big enough to engulf a whole area in flames. And you know what they say, prevention is always better. 

Here are different Fire Prevention tips everyone should know

Flammable Items Must Be out of Children’s Reach

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Parents should remember to keep flammable items away from children. Children are always curious, and if they find a flammable item, it’s likely that disasters will follow. So keep lighters, candles, matches, and other flammable items in high places when children cannot see or get them. 

After using a candle or fire grill, properly put out the fire.

Never leave the kitchen while cooking.

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House fires usually start in the kitchen, so it is important never to leave the kitchen while cooking. Moreover, always make sure that there are no combustible materials close to the stove or any other heat source. 

Check electrical installation

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Faulty electrical outlets also cause fires, so it is safe to check electrical installations regularly. You’ll never know when you have faulty wirings. In addition, hire a professional electrician to check your electrical installations, do not do it on your own if you do not have enough knowledge about it. 

If you smell something burning and see unusual flickering, those are signs of damaged wiring. Get the wires fixed or replaced immediately.

Unplug unused appliances

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Forgetting to unplug unused appliances is something we are all guilty of. Make it a habit to check everything before leaving the house or office. If you see something still plugged even when unused, you should unplug it. 

Switch off LPG when unused.

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Let’s go back to kitchen fires. People who use gas stoves should always switch off LPG when unused. Also, always check your LPG tanks for gas leaks to prevent the kitchen from filling up with flammable gas.

Fire is powerful, and the results of one can be devastating. So let us be responsible in using flammable materials and remember these fire prevention tips. As the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) said, “Take fire prevention as a way of life.” 

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