Reports Show that Filipinos Spend Too Much Time Scrolling on Phones

If you have an iPhone, you probably have a weekly Screen Time Report, and let’s be honest, we all are guilty of ignoring it. 

Let’s face it; even if we are aware or not, we are spending too much time scrolling on our smartphones. And guess what? We Filipinos have the highest average screen time. 

Photo from Asterio Baja Bagayas III

According to a report by Electronics Hub, an electronics information website, we spend a third of our day scrolling on our phones. Filipinos have the highest digital dependence in Asia at 32.53%. In addition, our screen time is at 54.44%, which makes it the third-highest globally. Moreover, 70 million out of 110 million people in the Philippines are smartphone users.

Meanwhile, the Philippines ranks 8th  at 21.91% regarding computer screen time. On the other hand, we spend about 21.91 percent on social media, which makes us the highest. Of course, gaming is included; Filipinos spend their time playing games at 8.75 percent.

Indeed, our phones are now an essential part of our life. We use it for work, school, and leisure. However, it does not mean we should become slaves of electronic devices. On the contrary, every once in a while, it is nice to let go of our phones, laptops, and computers and just enjoy the moment we have.

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The next time you see your weekly screen time report, take that as a sign to put down your phone. The question is, will you be able to? Now, that’s a challenge.

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