Tale of the Fallen Money Bag: What Really Happened to the CSCR SRP Money Incident

One man’s misery is another man’s fortune.

That’s exactly what happened to a money collector from Cebu City. Yesterday, videos of people picking up scattered money on the CSCR road surfaced online. The video shows many peso bills on the road, and motorists stop to pick them up. Did it rain money? Let’s find out. 

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So, what really happened? Did the heavens hear our plea for financial help? The truth is, the money came from a moving vehicle. According to the money collector, John Mark Barrientos, he was driving along CSCR in SRP when the zipper of his bag, where the money was, suddenly opened. 

The bag contained ₱4 Million in cash, and Barrientos almost lost all of it. A driver tailed behind Barrientos to inform him that his money had fallen out. Now, the money collector pleads to motorists, especially those who picked up the cash, to return the money since it was not his.

As of writing, an amount of ₱2 Million still needs to be returned. Police authorities are currently finding out the identities of those who picked up the money but have yet to surrender it. According to the chief of the Mambaling Police Station, those who plan on not returning the money will face charges.

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Return What’s Been Lost; Do not Keep What’s not Intended For You

Sometimes what we think is a blessing for us is actually the misfortune of others. It is no doubt that some of us if not all, experience financial hardships. We even wish that money could just fall from the sky.

However, the falling money at CSCR Road did not fall from the sky; it accidentally fell from a young money collector’s bag, which was intended for whoever truly owned the P4 Million cash. Money can be tempting, but let your conscience win this time. 

Photo from Dodzkie Logroño on Facebook

If you are one of the people who picked up the money at the site of the incident, we urge you to return it. Help out the young Money collector because the money is not his, and neither is it yours.

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