Eminem and Filipino Rapper Ez Mil Drops New Hit “Realest”

REALEST possible way!

Eminem and Filipino-American rapper Ez Mil, recently released a brand-new song together. The track “Realist,” which has Eminem taking potshots at his critics, is causing a stir in the hip-hop scene for two reasons: it’s a terrific introduction to Ez Mil’s talent.

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Controversy is nothing new for Ez Mil. His 2021 smash hit song “Panalo” received praises for its upbeat tempo and smart lyrics, but it also received some criticism for how it portrayed national hero Lapu-Lapu. Ez Mil, on the other hand, has never been afraid to express his mind, which is one of the qualities that make him such an intriguing rapper.

Eminem Fire some Shots

Eminem is known for being straightforward, and in “Realist,” he wastes no time aiming at his critics in “Realist.” He calls out Melle Mel for saying he’s only a top-five rapper because he’s white and tells The Game that his music is only played in clubs because he still performs in them. On top of that, he has a few harsh remarks for Lord Jamar, who described white artists as “guests in the house of hip hop.”

Of course, Eminem doesn’t only slam his critics. He also uses the opportunity to praise Ez Mil, referring to him as “the realest of the real,” and it’s evident that Eminem means it. He clearly sees something exceptional in Ez Mil and is eager to help him advance his career.

The 25-year-old rapper announced a few days ago that he’d signed with three major US labels: Eminem’s Shady Records, Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records. Despite Ez Mil’s extensive record, Eminem’s appearance on “Realist” marks his official entry into the major leagues.

Ez Mil is now based in Las Vegas, and his album DU4LI7Y: REDUX will be released on August 11th.

Ez Mil is a talented rapper with a promising future. He has the talent, personality, and work ethic to succeed in hip-hop. And with Eminem on his side, who knows how far he can go?

It’s a superb introduction to Ez Mil’s music and proves that he’s a force to be reckoned with, so if you’re not already familiar with him, I strongly encourage checking out “Realist.”

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