EJ Obiena Brings Home Silver, Receives P10 Million Incentives from HS Alma Mater

Ej Obiena is hailed as the World’s No. 2 vaulter. EJ now holds a 5.9m record, beating Japan’s Seito Yamamoto. The games took place at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium.

Photo from Philippine News Agency

Obiena received a hero’s welcome upon returning to the Philippines. Not only that, but he also received a P10 Million incentive from Chiang Kai Shek College, Obiena’s high school alma mater. Here is the breakdown of the cash incentives:

  • Incentive from Johnson Tan: P3 Million
  • Incentive from Carlos Chan of Oishi: P1 Million
  • Incentive Anson Tan, Quanzhou Philippines Association President: P1 Million
  • Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Inc.: P5 Million.
Photo from EJ Obiena – Ernest Obiena Facebook Page

“I’m blessed to call this my home,”

the pole vaulter expressed during his welcoming ceremony at the CKSC auditorium.

Johnson Tan expressed that they are ready to support EJ for his training and participation in the Paris Olympics. 

Photo from Philippine News Agency

But wait, there’s more. Obiena will also receive P2 Million from the Philippine Sports Commission and P1 Million from the Philippine Olympic Committee.

Congratulations, EJ!

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  1. Ma’am Patricia Cruz, Regarding your story on EJ Obiena winning silver for our nation, it would have been laudable if your story would have been written as an inspiring one on EJ’s remarkable sports achievement, one from which young athletes in our country could feel proud and draw encouragement and  motivation.  
    Instead, you focus your story on a detail account how much money EJ gets.   
    Is that the message of your story, that money is the ultimate reward?   
    Well, in our opinion, bringing sports glory for our nation should be the center of the narrative, not the monetary information on his earning.   You even emphasize on it by saying: “But wait, there is more (money).” and keep on going on more millions for him.    
    You are horribly wrong in your vision on what things in life are really worthy and blessed. Obviously, you are a money oriented woman, ma’am.    That is so obvious.  
    Allow us to deplore the message that you give to your story.    Because detailing the money that EJ gets is not the most important in his victory:  The Glory that EJ brings to the Pilipinas, inspiring young Pinoy kids around our beloved Land is.  (our humble opinion)


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