Soon to Rise: Cruise Ship Attraction at Cebu’s CCLEX Bridge

The Cebu Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) is already an icon in itself. However, it’s about to get even more exciting.

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CCLEX will soon introduce the first ever “Drive and Dine” in the whole Visayas.  The Drive and Dine attraction will take the form of a three-deck cruise ship. Moreover, it will be built in a 5,580 square-meter-vacant lot that sports a faultless view of the mangroves, the city, and the ocean. 

Photo from Skyscraper City
Photo from Skyscraper City
Photo from Skyscraper City

Furthermore, the estimated cost of building the new attraction is P300 million.

Photo from Skyscraper City
Photo from Skyscraper City

As mentioned, the Drive and Dine attraction will have three decks. The first floor will house fast food restaurants, while the second floor will be designed for couples looking for a romantic place to dine. Moreover, the third floor is all about Cebuano dishes and barbecues. 

In an interview with CNN Philippines, Renie Ticzon, MPT Mobility Division Head for Motorway Commercial Facilities, said that the place will be able to accommodate 1,000 people and has a parking space for 280 cars. 

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The target date for the facility to be operational is before 2024 ends. 

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This could become another tourist attraction in the Queen City of the South, and we are all for it!

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