Former Filipina Actress Diana Zubiri Experienced Discrimination at a Luxury Store in Adelaide, AU.

In one of her recent vlogs, former Encantadia actress Diana Zubiri Smith explained how she and her mother-in-law walked out of a Louis Vuitton store in Adelaide, Australia, after they experienced a not-so-pleasing encounter with a staff member. 

Diana suspected that it was because of the way they dressed. In the vlog, Diana explained how she and her mother-in-law weren’t glammed up and that she was wearing her workout outfit when they went inside the store. 

“So, pumasok kami sa store na ito, tapos nagtanong kami, nag inquire kami magkano kasi walang presyo. Tapos hindi kami pinapansin,” Diana expressed. 

Photo from Diana Zubiri on Youtube

They tried asking again, but they were told to wait for their turn until someone was available to assist them. The former actress explained that she understood since there were many customers. However, she wished the approach could have been more excellent and professional. 

She felt the staff was uninterested in them because of their dress. And because of that, Diana and her mother-in-law walked out. 

Photo from Louis Vuitton

In the same vlog, Diana showed that she was all glammed up and planned to return to the store with her mother-in-law to see if they would be treated differently. After the video, the former actress shared that they were indeed approached differently and were being accommodated.

“Nakabawi ang Louis Vuitton. Hindi kagaya nung una. Hindi ko lang sure kung dahil ba nakaayos na rin kami,” Diana said in her vlog. “I’m sure meron din konti iyon, may konting dating din na nakaayos ka, medyo presentable ka. Pero, sana hindi maging gano’n ang judgment ng lahat ng store,” she added.

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